4 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2017 – What You Can Look Forward to

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As the curtains close on 2016, there is a lot of anticipation for the upcoming year. What does it have to offer? The age-old tradition of predicting changes in the world of business is not about to die and so, here you are trying to figure out what you can look forward to in 2017 in terms of IT. Cloud computing is one of the areas that are going to see significant change in 2017. The year 2016 has dealt quite bountifully with cloud hosting. There have been a lot of improvements in security and functionality. It is only to be hoped that 2017 is going to bring with it some even better features.

Cloud computing

It cannot be claimed that the future of IT is still hidden behind a misty curtain. Now, it is quite clear that technological developments are not about to slow down. It can only get better from where it is right now. There are a number of things that you can expect from cloud hosting in 2017. Here are some 4 predictions of what you can anticipate:

1) Growth of hybrid clouds

If you thought that you have seen enough of the hybrid clouds, they are about to become even more popular. They are costly, but are very beneficial to businesses. There is a growing demand for these clouds, but 2017 is going to see an even bigger demand. This is happening in the wake of the slow demise of enterprise public clouds. Soon, the enterprise public clouds will be no more and hybrid clouds will be the hottest thing.

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2) Battle of the applications

The war of infrastructure is just about to conclude, but the battle of the applications is about to kick off in full swing. Businesses all over the world want to develop strong applications that can get even better with time. With platforms like Salesforce Github, it is possible to keep your applications up-to-date in terms of performance. Github has grown to become the finest version control systems that are available in the market. You can develop even better versions of all your application each time. You will need it if you are to improve the performance and operations of your business.

3) Data security upgrades

It is sad that the world is still talking about data insecurity. Well, as clouds become seemingly more secure, cyber terrorists continue to grow their skills as well. They are always open for business. Public clouds are their playgrounds and that is part of the reason why these clouds are leaving the scene. Either way, there are going to be some impressive upgrades in terms of data security as time passes. You can now sleep peacefully.

4) Effortless data migration

Have you ever tried to move data from a hard drive to another one? It is not easy work, right? You can now imagine migration of big data from a cloud server. It is not even funny. It is like moving houses. The delicateness of data makes it really hard to migrate but with development of data migrators that are compatible with a variety of cloud types, moving data will be so much easier.

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