Customer Story: Zerobridge

By AL Walker, Updated: 2021-05-10 (published on 2020-01-02)


 Zerobridge Partners is a credit, distressed and special situations firm focused on the Asia-Pacific region. It operates a unique credit platform spanning capital markets & asset management, with proprietary deal origination channels providing investors high-quality private debt opportunities. Zerobridge’s end goal is to help SMEs raise capital so that business owners can focus on building their business.


Zerobridge X Zegal

Michael Marquardt, COO at Zerobridge says it was simple to begin using Zegal,Very easy.  As a new business it was a clear choice to help us get way ahead of the game!  Zegal is great for the legal documents every firm needs.  From agreements with vendors, NDAs, shareholder agreements, we have used so many.  Great way to minimise legal costs for an early stage business.” 

In terms of any difficulties Zerobridge has come against that Zegal helped solve, Michael says, “Zegal has made getting the typical legal stuff in place quick and easy.  Before we go to any lawyer we check Zegal. The thing that I should do more of is asking for help from the Zegal team when I can’t find something.  If their team knows the answer, they are quick with a response.  If they don’t they can point you to someone that does.”


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