[Event Recap] 10 Things Employers Often Miss in Hiring



The 10 Things Employers Often Miss in Hiring,

  1. Changes in the Law
  2. The Costs of Missing Out
  3. Deadlines
  4. Steps in the Hiring of Expatriates
  5. Workplace Policies
  6. Diversity & Inclusion Measures
  7. Mandatory Provident Fund
  8. Calculation of average daily wages
  9. Privacy Law
  10. Tax Law

Understanding the law is the most important thing employers can do to stay compliant and in good standing with both the law and their employees. Repercussions for noncompliance, especially surrounding discrimination and inclusion, are high. In 2013-14, the total settlements in Hong Kong amounted to HKD 4.6M according to the 2014 Equal Opportunities Commission in Hong Kong’s Annual Report.

Thirteen laws regarding employment have changed within the last ten years meaning employers, as well as their legal documents and policies, must also be kept up-to-date.

A presentation by Roddy Shaw, Zegal’s product manager and a seasoned consultant on employment law, equality & non-discrimination, privacy and visa applications, kept employees and employers engaged with lively discussion and real case examples.

Audience members asked a range of questions, some of the most complicated revolving around the calculation of average daily wages, “something that all employers with commission-based employees should understand,” according to Shaw.

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