[Event Recap] Lessons Learnt by a Lawyer, Post Mortem Conference, Hong Kong

By Alex, Last updated: 2023-01-18 (originally published on 2015-10-19)


Zegal CEO Daniel Walker spoke at the Post Mortem Conference hosted by KPMG on 17 October.

Opening with the story of common mistakes he’s seen made by founders, Daniel stressed how important it is to know the law as an entrepreneur.

A common mistake he’s seen is the failure to draft a Founders’ Agreement, an agreement used to govern the relationship between the co-founders of a company.

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Daniel practiced at DLA Piper, Stephenson Harwood and Clyde & Co, in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, Daniel explained how his thinking was shaped through his time as a lawyer, something he dubbed “the lawyer way of thinking.”

Wait, the conference was called Post Mortem, right?

Daniel asked his mother (in the audience) what she thought when he told her he was going to quit being a lawyer and become an entrepreneur.

Lawyers will always remain essential to businesses. However, tasks like drafting documents is not solely what lawyers go to school for. Today, lawyers should not be spending their days and long hours drafting documents, technology can do this.


Daniel explained that the law should be simple. That is what Zegal is doing.

In addition to giving businesses and individuals the technology and tools to draft their own legal documents, we refer clients to law firms (we receive nothing, we just want our clients to get what they need).

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The law firms provide a flat fee quote for the task. Far easier than the traditional route.

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According to Daniel, Zegal has made getting legal advice easier for clients, but also for law firms by supplying a constant and efficient funnel of work for law firms.

Zegal puts you in the active role of understanding what the law means and does for you.


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We’ve recently released our first eBook, with more on their way. It’s our effort to help you best make use of the law as a tool.

Download the free eBook at Mortem Conference 
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