[Event recap via tweets] Smarter and Faster Business With Cloud Based Solutions



After an event in Hong Kong, we wrapped up our tour of the Cloud Based Solutions Panel in Singapore.

Members of the panels included:

Locations included the beautiful Paperclip Startup Campus, the stunning Working Capitol and Ace Ideation Centre.

Zegal and Xero partnered up to bring a full stop service to startups and SMEs. The discussions included a mix of businesses and individuals associated with the law, accounting and of course cloud based solutions.


Tight squeeze at the two venues, both charaterised with great discussion.


Cloud based solutions give users greater flexibility, adaptability, security, and accessibility.


Futurebooks brilliantly ties in how a proactive role adds an extra level of business understanding.


Starting and organising legal and accounting needs early helps tremendously.


Adaptability through technology is at the core of all cloud based solutions.

Stay tuned for more events in Hong Kong and Singapore at dragonlaw.com.hk and dragonlaw.com.sg

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