Is Your Business Legally-Healthy?

By Alex, Updated: 2023-01-18 (published on 2016-07-01)

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It comes as no surprise that Founders don’t often have legal on top of their minds when starting up – there is just too much to do and too little time, and legal falls to the bottom of the priority list as a result.

But think of it this way: Making the early investment to lay out right legal fundamentals will later serve as an accelerator that fast tracks processes as your startup hits newer milestones. Think:

You don’t want to lose out on a potential candidate while you scramble for an Employment Agreement and work out how shares should be vested.

You don’t want the freelancer you engaged to claim ownership over the intellectual property you paid him to create.

You also don’t want your beer buddy to think he owns 50 per cent of your company because he threw out some ideas when you had one drink too many…!

Startup founders

As funny as this may sound, there are real cases like this that have caused fundraising discussions to stifle. You can never afford to be too careful, too diligent, or too prepared up front.

So, what steps can you take to build a business that is legally-healthy?

Sarah, our Sales Manager and a qualified lawyer, spent a lovely afternoon this week at The Working Capitol’s Open Office Hours to take members through a Legal Health Check.

Open Office Hours The Working Capitol ZegalPhoto credit: The Working Capitol

She reminds members:

1. Put in place a Shareholders’ Agreement to set out rules and expectations around key decision-making such as the transfer of shares.

2. Use the right legal documentation to protect your intellectual property and confidential information when you engage consultants, employees and partners.

3. If you do business online, ensure you have a Website Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use in line with Singapore law. Update your Terms & Conditions for online clients to maximise your protection.


Minimising legal risk doesn’t have to be daunting! If you’re not sure where to start, take our free Legal Health Check to find out how you can better protect your business.

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