The Latest Developments in Legal Technology: A Roundup


We’re always excited to hear about new technological developments that give the legal industry a little shake up. Are you keeping up with the latest developments?

In the last two months:

Robot Lawyer overturns $4 million worth of fines; Zegal launches in New Zealand; more companies go online to meet their legal needs

1) A robot lawyer, DoNotPay, quashed 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York worth over $4 million.

The creator of DoNotPay, a 19-year-old Stanford University undergraduate, has dubbed it “The World’s First Robot Lawyer” that helps you “get free legal help in under 30 seconds”. DoNotPay’s easy-to-use chatroom interface takes the place of the traditional, dreaded, appeals process:

DoNotPay Robot Lawyer

To challenge a ticket, users log on to and chat to a bot that asks them for additional details of the parking incident, such as visible road signs or the size of a parking space. The chatbot then generates a free appeal to the council in question on the user’s behalf. In just 21 months, DoNotPay has successfully appealed 160,000 out of 250,000 submitted parking ticket cases.

2) Zegal is now available for use in New Zealand

Less than two months after our launch in Malaysia, we are ecstatic to officially announce the launch of Zegal in New Zealand! As part of this promotional launch, we are offering the entire suite of New Zealand documents for FREE! This means:

  • Zegal clients in Hong Kong and Singapore will have the ability to also access Malaysia and New Zealand-localised documents at no additional cost, and

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3) More Singapore companies go online to meet their legal needs

TODAY reported the emergence of online platforms in Asia that help small and medium enterprises with a range of legal needs: from drafting contracts and registering trademarks to obtaining visas. These online alternatives are perceived as fuss-free, high-speed and come with small price tags.

Ms Fanny See, Chief Marketing Officer of local tech startup Detrack and a Zegal subscriber, had praise for an on-demand legal service in the cloud that has the ability to provide fast and immediate answers.

Speaking at the Canon Think Big Leadership Convention 2016 earlier this year, Professor Tan Cheng Han, Senior Counsel and chairman of the Centre for Law and Business at the National University of Singapore, also recognised that the “Uberisation” of legal, among other professional services, makes way for new and better solutions to service transactional requests.

Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, was also quoted as predicting “less need for lawyers… because technology will make it possible for customers, consumers to get what they want at a lower cost.

While the concept of self-service legal is still perceived as novelty to Asia, the West have long been early adopters with the likes of legal technology platforms like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer. The reason for change is clear: Technology and the Internet have transformed the way businesses operate, yet legal work continues to be conducted largely offline. Bringing legal online is a move toward better productivity and efficiency that even law firms, too, have learnt to embrace.


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