Which Payroll Method Works Best For You?


Have you ever considered all the possible ways that you could process your payroll? With the rapid advancement of technology today, there are plenty of options for your business when it comes to processing employee payroll. They can be classified into two broad categories: Manual or automated.


Most organisations today have progressed into the latter, though there remains a handful of companies who have yet to make the transition.

Here are some of the common methods of payroll processing:

Excel Spreadsheets

We all have been through the horrifying experience of manual payroll calculations using excel spreadsheets. At one glance, it is just spreadsheet after spreadsheet filled with figures that seem to swim about the more you stare at it.


Processing payroll using excel is extremely tedious as you will have to manually input employees’ working hours or calculate overtime pay using excel formulas. One wrong entry could result in incorrect calculations of wages and more often than not, these errors prove difficult to detect amongst the abyss of numbers! Excel spreadsheets also fail to keep up with the constant changes in employment legislation.

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