Have A Small Business? Don’t Fear The Internet – Let A WordPress CMS Help You!


Let’s start with the basics. Do you need a website? If you’re any business that is seeking more visibility and expanding their customer base, the answer will be a resounding, yes. Launching a website has become almost as important as starting any business these days. You’ll find entrepreneurs are building their website first and marketing their business before launching their business in the real world. Research has shown that as much as 90% of consumers search online before making any actual purchase. It’s never been more important for any businesses, especially small businesses to build a website and let everyone know about your mission and services.

Setting up and running a decent website was a massive undertaking only a few years ago. Skip to present day and the internet is flooded with low-cost hosting solutions (which store your website online) and easy-to-manage platforms like WordPress (which help build it). Together, cheap web hosting and the WordPress CMS has opened up the internet to make it more accessible to anyone, no matter the size of the business, internet know-how or budget.

Still not convinced? Setting up a WordPress powered website is becoming more like opening a Facebook account these days, with one click logins and install, app-style add ons the process will be more familiar than you think. Still, people fear this process, and find it more difficult than it actually is. You don’t need to see a line of code or know any special technical jargon to get yourself a pretty decent setup using hosted WordPress.

Why is WordPress the Best CMS for Small Businesses?

WordPress is the most popular content management system, and there’s no doubt about that. More than 60% of websites today are hosted on WordPress. WordPress offers perfect solutions for all business types and sizes. Given these statistics, you can consider yourself in good hands. Some huge and well-respected websites are using this platform. It’s flexible enough to create simple or seriously complex sites. What is even more surprising is that setting up a WordPress website doesn’t have to be expensive.

Grow Your Small Business with WordPress

WordPress comes in two flavors: hosted and self-hosted. Both versions have their advantages and disadvantages. Together they offer small businesses a powerful and user-friendly platform that can grow along with their needs and experience.

Let’s take a look at how this works:

  • Hosted Version: Selection of plugins, themes and templates to design a fully functioning website (for a price).
  • Self-Hosted WordPress: Complete freedom with access to unlimited free and premium themes and plugins (add-ons) with a slight learning curve (free to use).

Unless your business depends on on-site sales for its income (in which case, self-hosted is the one for you), your website will likely serve as a marketing tool and not require much beyond the out-of-the-box hosted WordPress functionality. Many small businesses keep their website on the hosted version of WordPress forever. This can be perfectly adequate to meet most needs.

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For a small business looking for a no-nonsense way to launch a website, the hosted version of WordPress is an excellent choice. You have the peace-of-mind that a trusted partner (the WordPress team) is managing the technical end of their website (security, updates, maintenance). It’s handy to have the technical end of your website managed by someone else – all the headaches of maintaining your own website are taken care and you can concentrate on the creative/ business side of things.

If hosted WordPress becomes too restrictive, then you can switch over to the self-hosted version. It’s available for free, but you need to arrange a host and install the software yourself. To make installation as easy as possible, most web hosting companies offer 1-click installation tools that make installing a self-hosted version of WordPress just as easy as it is over at wordpress.com.

Yes, WordPress is the bee’s knees, and we haven’t gotten down to why it is the best site builder for small business.

What Can WordPress do For Me?

WordPress’ interface is the height of user-friendly. There is no need to be a professional Web designer to make simple updates on a WordPress website. Adding new pages, posts, and images are easy and take only a few seconds. WordPress’ user interface is highly intuitive. Ease of use means less time spent learning to use the software, saving you valuable time you could be using to run your business.

In addition to being free, user-friendly and providing with user support, WordPress websites come with the following benefits:

  • Choice of Themes and Add-Ons to give your site a professional look which is user-friendly and fitting tothe style of business.
  • The platform was design with SEO so your website should have no issues appearing in search engines (so people can find you)
  • Responsive – Most themes will work well on all mobile devices (this is essential since more web browsers than ever are using mobile phones and tablets to access web pages).

Closing Remarks

For the majority of small business owners, it is quite daunting to take care of a business website on top of their regular duties. The thought of getting a website set up might seem like a pipe dream. It can look like a distant dream/ nightmare as having an online presence can come with costs, time and effort which some small businesses just can’t afford. The obvious solution to all these concerns is WordPress.You will be not only able to manage business your website but also have complete freedom to enhance the look & feel of the interface without the need to hire a separate developer.

Hopefully this blog post has taken away some of your fears and inspired you to consider WordPress for your business website. Being successful in business means taking bold steps, and making decisions to drive your success. I’d encourage you not to overthink the ‘trappings’ of creating a website. Just install WordPress and see how easy it can be to set up your site using WordPress’ impressive features. 15 minutes from now, you could have your own website!

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