Top Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for the month of February

By Kristal .AI, Last updated: 2022-10-14 (originally published on 2021-02-24)

exchange traded funds

If you’re thinking of making a change of investment or simply looking to reinforce an existing investment strategy, here are our Top 20 Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) for January 2021.

How is this list generated?
The ranking is enabled by the Kristal.AI algorithm, which receives input from the advisory committee. It is optimized based on historical data, but also with a forward-looking component. It uses 3 main features:

Genetic Algorithm – Monte Carlo Simulations
This method is used as a probability simulation, in which it estimates the possible outcomes of a scenario. In this case, the simulation estimates possible trends that a certain fund might have.

Momentum Indicator
The momentum indicator mines the history of the ETF, to analyze how it has performed and whether it can be expected to rise or drop.

Mean Reversion
The standard deviation to the prices is compared to analyze where the price stands in comparison to current standing vs short term, medium or long-term movements. This model ranks ETFs to enable you to make intelligent investment decisions.

Exchange Traded Funds for February

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