Why #StartmeupHK?


Here’s a post by our fantastic intern, Marwa. Here’s her take on Tuesday’s event.

Who’s super excited about the #StartMeupHK Festival next week???




It is an inspiring week to be in Hong Kong.


Interest in this week first started when I arrived in Hong Kong and got a glimpse of the promotional posters lining the streets a month ago. Now, I’m just counting the days.

Why so such enthusiasm?

Like many things, the answer is the simply finding yourself in such a place.

The interactions…

The exchange of ideas…

the learning..

The seminars…

And the talks…

It all just seems too good to be true.

Entrepreneurship and innovation will be all around, that combination creates such a unique opportunity to find people all speaking the same language.

It will be a place to be inspired and inspire.

Businesses are built on connections and contacts, making this the place to build that foundation.

One event that seems to make this whole week stand out is the Venture Forum this Tuesday, 26 January 2016.

When I people ask me of my time here, I’ll instantly remember this date.


The date where opportunity to hear the person who inspires me the most in the world…

The CEO of SpaceX, Tesla and the co-founder of PayPal  Elon Musk will be there to share on entrepreneurship and innovation. It’s a dream come true.

With that aside, the entire week will be something you can’t miss.




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