Workplace Policies

By Alex Tanglao, Last updated: 2023-01-18 (originally published on 2017-06-25)

Managing employees is by far the most challenging task when running a business. Workplace policies help to set out the rights and obligations of employers as well as of employees. There is a wide variety of workplace policies that can be adopted. Some are required by law, while others help in setting out standardised procedures for dealing with employee-related matters.

It is important to have a comprehensive set of up-to-date workplace policies.

Health and Safety Policy

A Health and Safety Policy sets out your general approach and commitment to health and safety in the workplace, together with the arrangements you have put in place for managing it. It should clearly say who does what, when, and how. It usually mentions what you intend to do, who will be involved, and what arrangements have been put in place. It will only be effective if it is acted upon and followed by you and your staff, and it should be reviewed every time there are changes to work processes, plant, equipment, or staff.

Data Protection Policy

A Data Protection Policy ensures that you fulfil your legal obligations to protect the security of personal data. It is a policy that is required by law. It explains how a company collects, uses, and discloses personal data of individuals. It also sets out the responsibilities of employees when processing the data of customers and third parties.

Social Media Policy

A Social Media Policy is the starting point for an organisation’s social media risk management. The purpose of the policy is to provide detailed information about how a company is approaching social media use.

The purpose of a Social Media Policy is two-fold: it educates employees on using social media in their workplace environment, and it protects the organisation from uninformed and often unintended misuse of social media to the detriment of your business.

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

A Disciplinary Policy and Procedure sets out the policies and procedures that your business follows in relation to employee performance management. It explains how your business manages performance, how it manages unsatisfactory performance, and how you take disciplinary action that may ultimately lead to the dismissal of the employee.

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