Why do I need a consent to using content letter?

By Will Elton, Updated: 2022-03-24 (published on 2021-02-23)

content consent letterContent is king in the marketing game but it can be expensive to source. Syndicating content published elsewhere can be an easy way of upping your game without the costs. However, it’s important you use a consent to using content letter first to get legal permission to copy content from one website to another.

What is a consent letter?

A consent letter is a written request to ask permission from another person or organization. There are different types of consent letters. Some of the most common consent letters include:  consent letter for a minor; consent letter for visa application; a consent letter for research. Nowadays, consent to using content letters are also becoming more common. Importantly, the terms and conditions in which the person has been given consent should be clearly written in the consent letter. This helps to to avoid any confusion or disputes that may arise.

Why is a consent to using content letter necessary?

Often times, you may wish to share information written by other businesses on your own website. With permission, it is is a great way to get more eyeballs on your own website while also promoting another’s work. Under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), all the content published on a website— written, photographic, video and logos—are protected under copyright law. Thus, if you use the exact information available on other websites without their consent, it may have serious legal consequences. For instance, your website may be investigated by the authorities. To avoid this problem, a consent to using content letter (also known a Web Content Consent Letter) can eliminate this risk.


In summary, using a consent to using content letter allows you to work with your counterparties to share content. This protects both you and your counterparty to ensure you have protection from a trademark and usage perspective.

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