3 Tips for Online Brand Engagement

By Celestine Loh, Date published: 2020-09-02

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Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business. Traditionally, branding is done through printed posters, word of mouth or flyers. In the age of the technology, an estimated 59% of the total world population (that is 4.57 billion people), are actively using the internet. Technology has reinvented the means of branding and companies have to change alongside. 

Unfortunately, 2020 has seen the world’s economy take a serious hit, and as commercial businesses move online, it calls for a serious reinvention of branding through online engagement. 

Social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok have seen a rapid rise in activity as everyone stays home. With higher online activities, companies need to readjust the branding to suit the screens of electronic devices. 

These 3 tips will boost your brand’s online engagement in an increasingly competitive digital age:

3Cs of Branding

Clarity, Consistency and Creativity. Branding pushes your company’s agenda forward and leaves a lasting impression. However, before you embark on any branding campaigns, it is pivotal to have a clear understanding of what exactly your brand is. More often than not, companies might leave a confusing impression through contradicting branding campaigns. 

You need to establish a foundation for your brand. Understand exactly what is the unique selling point. For example – for a clothing brand, is your unique selling point that it is sustainable wear? Understanding the branding edge makes it easy to identify the marketing angles to develop. 

Consistency in your branding is what drives the point across to the customer. Following through with the sustainable clothing brand, if I develop branding campaigns surrounding environmental efforts, sustainable development and waste consciousness, it will drive the point across to a consumer that my brand is sustainable. Getting the marketing angle right from the get go will ensure your campaigns are consistent.

Lastly, every brand wants to stand out. Be creative with your marketing campaigns. Social media platforms are a great way to get ideas and the perfect starting point. A quick search for a specific hashtag brings up several accounts that you can draw inspiration from. Anything goes on social media platforms so be creative with Instagram filters, or make a #challenge trend! 

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Customer Engagement

The great thing about social media platforms is that the entire world is connected. Gone are the days of having customers take a 5 minute survey to find out how to improve your brand. Your target audience will be more likely to leave a comment, or “react” to your brand’s posts and updates. Everything is immediate with social media. Play this to your advantage. Receiving feedback has never been easier. And having a positive, receptive online presence breaks down the invisible barrier between you and your audience. Engaging well with your audience allows your brand to build trust and creates a positive reputation.  

Staying Relevant 

“First sight” is possibly the best way to explain the overall marketing tactic for online engagement. Stunning visuals, bold slogans and vibrant campaigns are eye catching and at first sight, these aspects will catch a potential customer’s eye. 

As social media giants continue to rise, there is a trend shift as more users tend to scroll past media quickly. You get less time to effectively catch the viewer’s attention. So how you market and design your campaigns might very well determine the success and outreach of your brand. Tying in with the second tip, knowing how to capture your target audience comes hand in hand with customer engagement too. 

In the End

Online engagement is an enormous source of brand awareness. Companies should explore and expand their resources to create a strong online presence, especially to help grow the brand internationally. 

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