Social Media Marketing Tweaks That Could Change Your Business

By Alvery Cloutier, Last updated: 2021-05-25 (originally published on 2020-09-21)

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Social media marketing is a must for businesses looking to compete in today’s online ecosystem. And yet, it’s something that a lot of businesses fail to understand or address correctly. There’s a temptation generally to confuse social media activity with marketing — as if simply maintaining a presence and sending out occasional updates is all there is to it. This approach is certainly better than nothing, but it also leaves out certain aspects of social media marketing that really make a difference.

The following are among the practices many businesses neglect and can be most effective at engaging customers, attracting new ones, and generating buzz about their brand. If you can master social media effectively, your business could catapult from a start up to one that’s on the lips of every consumer in the market. Who doesn’t want that?  


In our article about ‘Conversational Marketing’ we discussed the idea of writing marketing content as functional conversation. A conversational FAQ is a product question page that’s written in a conversational way. Basically, it’s a continuation of a conversation between a customer and a business focused more on customer experience and serviceTogether, they cover all marketing-related areas and work perfectly to improve the overall customer experience for both B2B and B2C businesses.

This isn’t something that’s always appropriate for business content, mind you, but it’s an excellent way of appealing to customers. And it’s something that works well with social media outreach. Putting it in the most straightforward terms, consumers like their questions answered. They like to feel that they’re being engaged with. So, when structuring social media strategies, companies should remember to occasionally be conversational. That might mean posing a question from an official account and answering replies. It might mean setting up a chatbot via a service like Facebook Messenger that can carry on conversations. Chatbots are perfect for lead generation, sales, and customer support. Whatever the case, a personal, back-and-forth approach is always a good thing to include.

Link Building

Businesses should also keep in mind that social media marketing offers additional opportunities to build links to a website (or directly to product and service pages). In exploring some of the difficulties companies can face in marketing more broadly, Ayima Hong Kong cites link development as a challenging and expensive means of engagement. Indeed, many businesses will spend a great deal of money to improve SEO performance. And, as part of that effort, generate links. An engaging social media campaign offers one more affordable way to build up some of that traffic. That’s not to say other link development and SEO practices aren’t necessary –they are– but a business can do a good job of getting links out there by also including them naturally in social posts.

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Target Audience Determination

It’s also a good idea for a business to target its social media outreach specifically, rather than simply sending out content haphazardly.

This takes some effort, but ultimately there are various ways to find your target audience on social media. Social Media Today points to tools that will clarify which social networks a company’s URL is being shared on. There are also ways to see which social platforms are being used most frequently by competitive or similar businesses to your own. And there are ways to determine which platforms have the most traffic relating to any general topic.

All of this should reveal which networks a business can go to in order to find interested consumers. This sets up more targeted social media activity. After analysing this information, it should lead you in the right direction to which social media platforms you want to spend your time targeting.

Tool & Multimedia Use

Businesses should also make sure they’re using the tools and multimedia available to marketers on social media platforms.

It’s easy to start thinking of these platforms as being primarily about text. But Forbes has listed numerous tools on various social media channels, through which businesses can find different ways to post about their brands. These tools include images and videos –think about how often you yourself take notice of a certain stunning image or an interesting video that pops up and steals your attention. This is exactly what you’re looking to do with your own content. 

There are other tools that take polls and conduct surveys. These are excellent ways to gather data, and find out more about your customers. You can make them fun and engaging, who doesn’t love to take a silly quiz now and again?

Different tools will be more useful for different businesses, but the general idea is to take a thorough approach and take advantage of all that’s available.

By taking advantage of these ideas and practices, any company with an online presence can ramp up its social media activity in a way that successfully generates business.

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