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01/04/2017  — by DragonLaw.Admin

One of the key differences between an online store and a brick and mortar business is that the former is open 24/7, regardless of whether you’re asleep at home or on the train or outside somewhere. But if your business is the kind where customers want to speak with you before they buy, then it’s not really 100% online sales. It means your marketing is being done online to draw visitors to your website, but the subsequent sales pitch is done offline, and then the customer has to go back to your website to buy online.

How many prospects and leads do you think jump through all the hoops in this online-offline-online marketing and sales funnel? The typical conversion rate for a website is around 2-3%, and it falls to below 1% if online visitors have to be talked into buying.

A more realistic conversion rate in such cases is around 0.5%.

So here’s the question – what about the other 99.5% of your website visitors? Why are you letting them walk away? Would you not be worried if 198 out of 200 people who came to your physical shop every day went away without buying anything?

Don’t worry. I have a solution for you – marketing automation that will increase your website conversion rate to above 50%. For real.

The technology is click to call, and it’s being increasingly used by everyone from Google to Jaguar Land Rover and Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Before we get to how to implement this marketing automation technology in 3 easy steps, let me explain the concept.

What is Click to Call?

The simple idea is to offer a ‘clickable’ phone number or button. The website visitor clicks on it to dial the number or get connected to your business by phone. This can be through a simple click to call button or a callback widget that lets you call back the visitor instantly when they leave their name and number.

If you give them a clickable number or button, a visitor accessing your site on a mobile device will be able to dial your phone number with a single tap on the phone number or click button. But this means you have to be available to take calls 24/7. That’s a bit harsh, even if you’re a startup or new small business willing to work 20 hours a day.

So the better option is to implement a click to call back feature. The visitor leaves their name and number in the widget. You get an instant real-time notification on your smartphone, and the option to respond back instantly, while the visitor is still on your website.

Imagine how pleasantly surprised the visitor will be, when they get a call back within 60 seconds from you – and you know their name and the fact that they are interested in whatever it is that you are selling.

This is the key difference that leads to a successful sales call that ends with you getting a new paying customer. According to leading studies published in the Harvard Business Review and elsewhere, this kind of instant response to sales leads within 5 minutes increases your chances of qualifying the lead by 7 times than someone who takes an hour. Your chances of closing the deal are 21 times higher than someone who responds back after 2 hours.

Convinced yet? Let me show you how to do this.

How to Implement Click to Call

Option1: Anyplace where you have a phone number on your site, just modify it to add this kind of linking code to it:

Example: Call Zegal now: <a href=”tel:+65-65898923″>+65 65898923</a>

Now anyone seeing this on their mobile should be able to click to call Zegal and talk directly to whoever picks up this number. Easy, yes?

But, as mentioned, it’s a bit hard to do this 24/7. Also, you don’t know who is calling from where, and for what? This brings us to option 2.

Option2: Sign up for a click to call service. All you have to do is:

  • Sign up.
  • Copy-paste a couple of lines of code into your template, and a sweet looking click to call widget automatically appears on every page of your site.
  • Download the free mobile app to receive notifications and talk to customers who leave their number.

In about 5 minutes, you can do all this and completely automate your website marketing. In addition to connecting you to potential customers, the click to call service will also provide you with weekly reports that include visitor statistics, conversions and conversion rates. If you have more than one person taking these calls, you will also get a comprehensive sales team performance report that tells you how fast each member responded to leads, and how many each one is converting, among other things.

This is a guest post from Zal Dastur at Lucep.
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