Overview of a Promotion Announcement

Are you wondering why you might need a formal promotion announcement? So you have a high-performing employee? And, you’ve gotten to a point where that employee is ready for a promotion.  Essentially, a formal letter is always good.  However, broadcasting this –whether through a meeting or through an email– can boost morale and let other teammates know the rewards for great performance.

What’s in a Promotion Announcement?

Typically, once an employee has been promoted, you’ll want to share the news with the person’s immediate teammates and managers. Ordinarily, a broad promotion announcement should be made via email or via a team meeting.

Importantly, make sure to cover these points:

  • Talk about the employee’s previous job responsibilities and the efforts that he or she have made to perform a superior job or to go above and beyond what is expected
  • Tell the story about what the person did to make the promotion happen. In essence, this will be a great motivator for the employee and her teammates
  • Most of all, congratulate the person and encourage others to do so also.

A Promotion Announcement Can Help Boost Morale

Notably, teammates will see the rewards of superior work. Essentially, by providing a list of accomplishments that led to this promotion, a company can create an incentive. Subsequently,  the rest of the team will go above and beyond their specific responsibilities.

The Promotion Announcement Can Help Manage Improvement

Importantly, for employees who have been lagging, the promotion announcement is a motivator for those who are not pulling their weight.

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