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Zegal can automate the legal agreements and policies your business already has. These are replaced with step-by-step workflows for your teams. The result is reduced business risk and less time spent on administration.

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The fintech space is booming and Zegal is the secure legal software to take your business from prototype to game-changing product.
Whether you’re creating the next payments platform utilising the blockchain, or financial planning application that helps customers track their spending and save money, Zegal gives you the tools to run your business with confidence. Our cloud legal software allows you to create Web & App Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and End-User Licence Agreements to keep you protected and build trust with your customers.
Navigating the Fintech regulatory landscape can be challenging for any business to operate in and succeed. Lawyers advising through our Premium Plan can assist you to understand and comply with regulations across multiple jurisdictions as the law changes and evolves.

Success Story

Attracting and retaining talent is crucial for any business to succeed in the competitive Fintech space. SuperCharger’s managing director, Veronica Kuznetsova has been able to use the Zegal app to onboard new staff and to get legal advice on setting up an Employee Share Option Plan. Zegal’s user-friendly platform has given SuperCharger the best tools for scaling up their team and their incubatees.



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Zegal can guide you to find out how to protect your business from potential risks

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Personalize your legal documents with your company logo and tailor clauses to your specific business needs

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Work with your existing lawyer or one you choose through Zegal, right within the app

Sign your legal agreements online

Validate documents at your convenience and keep everything in the cloud

Centralise & manage in the cloud

Store documents in your Zegal account and you can access them anywhere, anytime

Share documents with your team

Give access to the right team members so they can work more efficiently

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