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Zegal can automate the legal agreements and policies your business already has. These are replaced with step-by-step workflows for your teams. The result is reduced business risk and less time spent on administration.

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When you attempt something truly innovative, you need tools and applications that support you with a solid foundation so you can dream big.
Zegal’s legal software pairs with your business so that you can create legally binding agreements with manufacturers and suppliers, getting your product from idea to market. Your intellectual property is core to your business’s success and commercialisation, with Zegal you can build the right documents to keep your ideas protected and safe. Our Help Centre also has resources for you to find government R&D grants to accelerate your novel inventions.
Whether you’re just starting out and need a solid Shareholders Agreement, or incentivising new staff with a Share Option Plan, Zegal gives you the right legal foundation to build a truly scalable business.

Success Story

When developing new IoT prototypes, it’s crucial for businesses to keep their proprietary information confidential. Julian Lee, CEO of Ambi Labs, says Zegal provides an effective online solution to meet this need, with the ability to create NDAs when beginning discussions with manufacturers. Ambi Labs can create agreements on the go, whether they’re visiting factories overseas or signing on new vendors.



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Zegal can guide you to find out how to protect your business from potential risks

Create customised legal documents

Personalise your legal documents with your company logo and tailor clauses to your specific business needs

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Work with your existing lawyer or one you choose through Zegal, right within the app

Sign your legal agreements online

Validate documents at your convenience and keep everything in the cloud

Centralise & manage in the cloud

Store documents in your Zegal account and you can access them anywhere, anytime

Share documents with your team

Give access to the right team members so they can work more efficiently

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