Finishing 2016 The Right Way

By Alex, Updated: 2023-01-18 (published on 2016-12-25)

The end of the year 2016 is closing in and there is a ton to do before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. In order to make the best of this holiday season, there are a few things you could get out of the way before the countdown begins! Lets take a look at how businesses can look at finishing 2016 the right way.

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Sitting down to deal with legal paper work is not something we look forward to, in fact how often do we procrastinate taking even the most basic legal steps to better improve situations around us. But worry not! This Christmas use Zegal to make your life easier and to get the ball rolling before the New Year starts.

The New Year means new beginnings. If your business is expanding, or your favourite employee is leaving, don’t hesitate with hiring new staff as Zegal can help you quickly draw up a contract between you and the contender for your company in just a few minutes. Enjoy the party season knowing that you won’t have to worry or waste your resources looking for suitable candidates, and just focus on pursuing that really great business idea.

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Speaking of business ideas, if you are struck by sudden inspiration (the holiday season can bring out a lot of happy thoughts) – don’t postpone it to the point where you forget how awesome the idea was in the first place. Make 2017 the year that hesitation is a thing of the past and ambition in action – the way forward. Using Zegal, you can incorporate your business and have the legal documentation ready in under ten minutes.

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Motivated but still intimidated by the legal and procedural work that goes into getting started up? We are here to help you throughout the process, from knowing how to choose the right business structure when getting started up to when you should have your first AGM and getting familiar with early stage funding, even through the eyes of entrepreneurs, investors and lawyers! More so, learning from others’ mistakes can often help your process be a lot smoother, so here are a few mistakes to avoid if you are looking to start your business in Asia.

Another consideration when getting your business going is finding that perfect office, ie. the right workspace for your team. We have a few tips for you. Global cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore are great hubs to get your business started and we list 5 reasons why for each.

These cities are young and bustling and have a dynamic startup work culture. If you are looking for that perfect office space to get your business started or simply looking to cut costs from expensive monthly real estate rent, considering a co-working space might be beneficial. Great for networking and cheaper on your company expenses, these workspaces will definitely liven up your new year! Ensure your move in and agreements with the co-working space are clearly outlined and defined. The Zegal document building tool will help you quickly create new agreements and sign on new terms and conditions before you can say the words “bah humbug”.

Senior HR staff, please note – all your employees will be lookingx forward to the Office Christmas party. Why not make the night even more exciting for them this year by rewarding your employees for their hard work done in the past year. Remember happy employees leads to a happy work environment thus paving the way for your business to thrive and flourish!

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