Hong Kong’s Government Funding Schemes For Organisations

By Will Elton, Updated: 2022-10-31 (published on 2020-01-15)

We recently published an article listing all the funding schemes provided by the Hong Kong government for enterprises with links to the application. We thought a handy guide to all the funding schemes for organisations might also be useful, so here they all are with links to the application sites. 

For Organisations


1. Trade and Industrial Organisation Fund

This fund provides financial support to non-profit-distributing organisations to implement projects which aim at enhancing the competitiveness of non-listed Hong Kong enterprises in general or in specific sectors.

Trade and Industry Department, 2398 5128,,


Market Development / Business Upgrading

2. Professional Services Advancement Support Scheme

This scheme is applicable for non-profit-distributing organisations (such as trade and industrial organisations, professional bodies or research institutes) to provide support to Hong Kong’s professional services sector for carrying out worthwhile projects to spearhead pro- active outreaching promotion efforts and to improve service offerings.

Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, 3655 5418,,


Promoting IT Culture

3.General Support Programme 

This one is good for both local unincorporated or incorporated companies, non-profit making trade and industry organisations, public bodies, or universities, or other tertiary/post-secondary institutes and provides support for non-R&D projects that contribute to the upgrading and development of industries as well as fostering an innovation and technology culture in Hong Kong.

Innovation and Technology Commission, 3655 5678,,

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Travel Industry

 4.Pilot Scheme for Characteristic Local Tourism Events

For Hong Kong-registered non-profits like sports or non-governmental organisations, arts associations or chambers of commerce that
host arts, culture, dining or sports events or festivals. This scheme will provide marketing and promotional funding support for visitor-targeted events that are related to arts, culture, festivals, dining and sports, and embody characteristics that are uniquely Hong Kong. The scheme aims to diversify the city’s tourism product offerings as well as attracting local and overseas media coverage, increasing visitor arrivals, and enhancing visitors’ travel experience in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Tourism Board, 8120 0037,,

5. Travel Industry Training Fund

This training fun is designed to enhance the industry’s service quality through subsidising training activities organised by eligible training bodies. These include non-profit-making and non-profit- distributing organisations, including training / education institutions, employer / employee associations or professional bodies in the travel industry.

The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, 2969 8157,,

Environmental Protection

6. Recycling Fund (Industry Support Programme)

A subsidy for non-profit making projects to enhance the operational standards and productivity of the industry, including upgrading the skills and safety of employees in the local recycling industry and / or expanding its potential workforce. It also assists with certification and accreditation of recycling operations, etc.

Hong Kong Productivity Council, 2788 5658,,

Chinese Medicine

7. Chinese Medicine Development Fund

This one is for non-profit-making organisations, professional bodies, trade and academic associations and research institutions to support training programmes and courses, Chinese medicine promotional activities, and research and studies on Chinese medicine.

Hong Kong Productivity Council, 2788 5632,,

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