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The advent of legal technology has paved the way for a reinvention of legal processes.

Legal technology, in the simplest definition, is the use of technology and software to power the legal industry’s processes. In the thick of Covid-19, the words “technology”, “work from home” and “Zoom meetings”, have gained global fame. As the world transitioned into an online global network, the legal industry must ensure the industry continues to work efficiently and effectively. Enter legal technology.

The legal tech industry has grown exponentially, to a whooping estimated US$16 billion market. And in 2020, the need for legal technology to power business transactions and legal interactions, is in demand more than ever. This article explores legal technology services and its benefits as we move into an even more volatile year. 

Solutions for Everyone

The Legal technology provided by Zegal is all encompassing, surrounding the legal processes of law firms and businesses.

Zegal has solutions to ease these legal processes for small businesses, enterprises and law firms. Whether legal amateurs or working professionals, with every template a business could need, you’ve now got a solution for your backlog of legal documents. Each contract is fully customisable with basic terms drafted out to make things easy. Getting your legal requirements in order is now a simple affair.

The lack of in-person meetings makes legal advice trickier, therefore, Zegal acts as the bridge to fill in this gap. 

Exploring the Cloud Legal Software

Starting a business or even maintaining a business is exciting yet challenging, and behind the scenes, there is much legal paperwork to oversee. As Covid-19 descended on the world, businesses and law firms scrambled to react to the changing restrictions to the way we ordinarily do business and plenty of legal paperwork was overlooked for more imminent issues. But as any business owner knowns, having your paperwork in order is essential. But with Zegal, paperwork can now easily be made paperless. Our state-of-the-art cloud legal software allows you to edit everything, anywhere, anytime.

With a library of more than 1,000 legal document templates, Zegal has the tailored solution for your business legal concerns. From human resources, company resolutions, company incorporation, non-disclosure agreements, invoicing, and a huge host more, the solutions are at your fingertips. Our customer team is available to help with anything that doesn’t come across naturally to you online.  

Save time, streamline your business processes and protect your company’s future by investing smartly with us to reap long run benefits and higher productivity levels. Digitalising your legal processes may just be the best thing you do for your business during these strange days. 

This article does not constitute legal advice.

The opinions expressed in the column above represent the author’s own.

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