ZegalSign – legally binding e-Signatures

E-signatures are included in all our plans, and you can sign your own documents as well as contracts you created in Zegal.

Fully-integrated with Zegal

Whether you’re creating a contract, agreement, company resolution or a letter in Zegal, the process is always the same. Select your template, edit, negotiate, finalise and eSign without ever leaving the App.

A no-limits party

There’s no limit to how many people or companies can e-Sign on any document. When everyone has signed we’ll make sure you’ve all got a finalised, PDF copy that can’t be altered or amended, together with a full audit trail of how and where it was signed.

Approvals & routing

If your organisation is a little larger or your team’s rules are a little stricter, our Approvals feature will be right up your street. Set up documents to be signed in any order, or restrict signing until your CEO has approved the final draft. It’s up to you!

e-Sign any document

Of course you won’t only sign agreements you created on Zegal. ZegalSign supports signing on nearly every document format you can imagine. If you’ve been asked to sign it you can ZegalSign it.

Data security & compliance

Your data and documents are encrypted and protected by ZegalSign and we store a non-editable audit trail with each signed document which tells you when, who and where (IP address) the document was signed.

Google Drive &
MS OneDrive

Send any documents you have saved in your cloud drives for e-signing in Zegal and we’ll automatically store a signed copy in the same folder for you (or you can have it saved some other place if you’d prefer).