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Why choose Zegal to eSign contracts?

With ZegalSign, businesses and individuals can securely sign and manage documents online. Send documents for signature, track the signing process, and store signed contracts in a centralised location.

Sign and send documents anytime, anywhere

Zegal’s on-the-go platform lets you securely access, sign, and send documents from anywhere, speeding up the signing process to facilitate prompt business operations.


Track documents with real-time notifications

Stay in control with Zegal’s real-time document tracking and notification features. Know exactly where a document is in the signing process for swift deal closures.

Secure and legally binding electronic signatures

Zegal’s guarantees the security and legal enforceability of electronic signatures. Transition confidently to digital contracts, knowing your documents are secure and compliant.


Use Case: Contract eSigning for Remote
Team Collaboration

How it works

“TechSolutions” offers IT solutions and services and has a global presence with teams and clients spread across different geographical locations. As part of its business, the company frequently enters into contracts and agreements with clients, partners, vendors, and employees. Since the teams are dispersed, it’s not feasible for parties to physically meet and sign contracts. Traditional methods like posting contracts for signatures are time-consuming and not efficient.

Implementation of Zegal eSign:

Benefits of Zegal eSign:

Streamlining Contract Creation:
TechSolutions can use Zegal to create contracts and agreements using customizable templates and send them out for signature via Zegal eSign. This is particularly useful for standardised contracts, such as Non-Disclosure Agreements or Service Level Agreements, which are frequently used.

Securing Signatures Remotely:
The contracts are sent to the relevant parties via email through Zegal eSign. The recipients can then open the documents and append their electronic signatures. This can be done from anywhere, making the process extremely convenient for remote teams or international partners.

Monitoring Contract Status:
TechSolutions can monitor the status of contracts in real-time through the Zegal platform. This helps in keeping track of which contracts have been signed and which are pending, improving process visibility.

Record-Keeping and Compliance:
Once a contract is signed by all parties, it’s securely stored on the Zegal platform. TechSolutions can easily access and retrieve these contracts whenever needed. This helps in maintaining records for compliance purposes.

Enhancing Collaboration and Communication:
By using Zegal eSign, TechSolutions can facilitate faster communication and collaboration between teams, clients, and partners. This results in a quicker contract signing process which is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment.

This use case illustrates how Zegal eSign can be leveraged to streamline contract management, particularly for businesses with remote teams or partners in different geographical locations.


Time and Cost Savings:

TechSolutions saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on printing, mailing, and manually processing contracts.


Improved Efficiency:

The contract management process becomes more streamlined and efficient, contributing to better productivity.


Enhanced Security:

Zegal eSign ensures that the electronic signatures are secure and legally binding, providing an added layer of protection for sensitive documents.


Environmental Friendliness:

By reducing the need for paper and physical shipping, TechSolutions contributes to environmental sustainability.

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Many leading enterprises across diverse industries have already adopted our cutting-edge solutions. Be a part of the growing community that trusts Zegal to simplify, secure, and optimise its contract management processes.

“Zegal’s platform has enabled us to centralise and automate our contract management process, resulting in greater visibility and compliance across the entire organization. Their customer support and ongoing training have been outstanding.”

– Sarah Brown, Legal Operations Manager, GreenEarth Renewables

why chose zegal

Why choose Zegal?

With Zegal, you can reduce legal risks and improve the efficiency of your legal workflows, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. Our platform is flexible, scalable, and tailored to the needs of enterprises of all sizes and industries.

Enhanced e-sign features with ZegalSign

Seamlessly integrate Zegal with your existing business tools for a cohesive and streamlined workflow. Save time and reduce errors by syncing client information, cloud storage, and more.

Save time and reduce paperwork

Zegal’s digital storage and management solutions drastically reduce time spent on administrative tasks and minimise physical paperwork. Easily retrieve documents through Zegal’s intuitive interface for a more sustainable and efficient contract management process.

Unlimited signatures for unparalleled efficiency

Zegal offers the freedom of unlimited signatures, catering to businesses of all sizes. Handle any volume of contracts with ease and ensure seamless operations, regardless of scale. The perfect solution for dynamic and growing enterprises.

Enhanced control with customisable approvals

If your organisation is a little larger or your team’s rules are a little stricter, our Approvals feature will be right up your street. Set up documents to be signed in any order, or restrict signing until your CEO has approved the final draft. It’s up to you!

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