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Florian Simmendinger, Founder of Soundbrenner

Creators of the Soundbrenner Pulse – the wearable metronome that pulses strong and distinct vibrations onto your body, always keeping you in time with your music.

The Problem

When companies pioneer new technology, it is crucial to have all the legal documentation in place. In this case, the creators of Soundbrenner Pulse were developing their award winning metronome device and wanted to ensure that they had solid agreements with third parties that would protect the company as well as maintain compliance with local government regulations. The Soundbrenner team found Zegal an easy, fast and affordable to get professional legal documents for every possible scenario. Very soon, they found themselves using Zegal across a wide range of situations, from onboarding onboarding new employees and service providers to collaborating with third parties. In the course of their business, the Soundbrenner team has generated a range of highly customisable agreements for their use, from a simple Non-Disclosure Agreement to artist agreements.

Success Story

Soundbrenner’s founder, Florian Simmendinger, says that Zegal has also helped his company save more than USD 10,000 on their legal costs, allowing him to reinvest those savings into further product development. More crucially, it has allowed the Soundbrenner team to enter into partnerships with suppliers and promoters, with the confidence of being legally protected.


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