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Starting out in the fashion industry is tough; get the cloud legal software that is trusted by large and small brands to keep them protected from the first online sale through to international expansion. Zegal is designed to equip fashion startups and larger brands through every stage of the sales cycle: putting in the place the right legals to protect your business online, establishing concrete terms with your suppliers manufacturers and distributors, and complying with consumer protections and regulations. Whether you run a boutique brick-and-mortar store or a large scale e-commerce platform, Zegal gives you the legal peace of mind so you can focus on boosting profitability and turning your business into the next fashion empire.

Success Story

Alexandra Foster moved to Hong Kong from Australia to set up her fashion label, A.C.F. Being in a new country, she had to start afresh to build up a network of suppliers, partners and contacts. Feeling overwhelmed by the selection process for traditional legal services, Alexandra chose Zegal as her legal solution. As A.C.F started to fundraise, she was faced with another set of legal hurdles. Alexandra found great benefit from the Startup Plan to create the agreements she needed with her investors.

Key Documents


Identify your business legal needs

The Zegal app can guide you to find out how to protect your business from potential risks
Create customised legal documents

Personalise your legal documents with your company logo and tailor clauses to your specific business needs
Get legal advice whenever you need it

Work with your existing lawyer or one you choose through Zegal, right within the app
Sign your legal agreements online

Validate documents by electronically signing them and keep them stored in the cloud
Centralise & manage in the cloud

Store documents in your Zegal account and you can access them anywhere, anytime
Share documents with your team

Give access to the right team members so they can work more efficiently
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