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Less administration, better searching

Spend less time on legal paper work and more time on finding and vetting the best talent for the brief. Hundreds of recruitment firms already use Zegal to automate the interviewing process by easily creating NDAs and Personal Information Collection Statements and sending them to potential candidates. Zegal gives you the tools to build better relationships with your clients by streamlining the onboarding process: create tailored Supply of Services Agreements and send them to new clients for e-signing. Everything is stored in the cloud, making managing and updating agreements simple and efficient.

Success Story

Axiom’s founder, Brian Trappe, describes starting his business as wonderful and terrible all at the same time. He was acutely aware of how much there was to do and with little time and resources. He had the same questions that every business has when setting up: ‘Which structure should I choose to incorporate?’ ‘How will my website protect the personal data of visitors and users?’ With Zegal, Brian feels empowered by the way he can self-manage his legal needs online, and get legal advice when he needs it, right within the app.

Key Documents


Identify your business legal needs

The Zegal app can guide you to find out how to protect your business from potential risks
Create customised legal documents

Personalise your legal documents with your company logo and tailor clauses to your specific business needs
Get legal advice whenever you need it

Work with your existing lawyer or one you choose through Zegal, right within the app
Sign your legal agreements online

Validate documents by electronically signing them and keep them stored in the cloud
Centralise & manage in the cloud

Store documents in your Zegal account and you can access them anywhere, anytime
Share documents with your team

Give access to the right team members so they can work more efficiently
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