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Alliance to help customers operate in self-service environments, bypass the HR, legal, and tax complexities typically encountered when expanding into new markets

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SINGAPOREOctober 19, 2020—Globalization Partners, which simplifies global business by enabling companies to hire talent in more than 180 countries without the complexity of setting up international branch offices or subsidiaries, today announced it has entered into a partnership with Zegal. Now, businesses in the Asia Pacific region can leverage the joint expertise of both companies which includes the ability to quickly resolve legal challenges and automating the process to hire talent anywhere in the world through Globalization Partners’ Employer of Record (EOR) solution.

The partnership between Globalization Partners and Zegal will doubly support businesses needing solutions to help them compete in the global marketplace,” said Charles Ferguson, General Manager, APAC, Globalization Partners. The strength of Zegal’s ability to solve legal problems for companies in an affordable and efficient way combined with our automated solution that makes it easy for companies to hire talent anywhere in the world, will be an unbeatable combination.

LegalTech has transformed a centuries old traditional legal profession. It is enabling SMBs and startups, which represent a vast majority of the businesses in Asia Pacific, greater access to legal services. Together with Globalization Partners and their Global Employer of Record solution, we make it easy for companies to enter new markets and capture a larger pool of customers while keeping HR and legal administration at a minimum,” said Daniel Walker, Founder and Ecosystem Builder, Zegal.

Globalization Partners and Zegal both share a passion for ensuring that businesses stay safe and compliant as they scale, maintaining speed and agility along their journey. The partnership brings together best in class, SaaS delivered legal document management for multiple jurisdictions from Zegal, and compliant HR infrastructure for hiring talent anywhere in the world via the Globalization Partners platform. The solution combination allows companies to focus on driving business success rather than the complexities often associated with HR and legal compliance.

The partnership comes at a time of widespread adoption and demand by companies for automated services as the role of technology in supporting the pace of business becomes more pronounced. At the center of every company’s strategy today is innovation to enhance customer experience, and an integral part of that is empowering clients and their users to work, collaborate, and transact remotely and securely, preferably on any device of their choice.

To learn more about Globalization Partners and to find out why the company was just named an Employer of Record industry leader by research firm NelsonHall, click here to download the report.

About Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners enables companies to quickly and easily expand internationally across six continents and 187 countries. Our Global Employer of Record (EOR) solution allows companies to hire employees in as little as a few business days without having to navigate complex international legal, tax, and HR issues. When companies find top talent, that team member is put on our locally compliant payroll. We are the most trustworthy solution in the market and offer 24/7/365 premium support services. We have teams and offices worldwide with global headquarters located in Boston and California and regional headquarters in London, Ireland, Singapore and Dubai. 

Globalization Partners has consistently attained 97% customer satisfaction ratings by making it easy for companies to go global. To find out more, please visit: or connect with us via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or check out our Blog.

About Zegal

With locations across Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, Zegal offers a cloud-based software that empowers users to save time and money by actively managing the legal aspects of their business. Since its conception in 2012 and launch in 2014, Zegal has grown to a user base of more than 15,000, most of which are small and medium-sized businesses, in-house counsels, lawyers and business advisors. Recently, Zegal announced its integration with Xero, the award-winning cloud accounting software.

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