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In order to connect with your audience, you will need to reinvent the ways in which you write your social media headlines to appeal to users. No matter how niche your area of expertise may be, your blog posts will assuredly find a sizable audience through social media.

Let’s take a deep dive into how you can write killer social media blog headlines which will help drive your business’ conversions in 2021.

The How and Why of Writing Killer Social Media Blog Headlines

Regardless of whether you use social media as your primary or supplementary publishing channel, writing good headlines for your blog posts is crucial for conversion. According to Forbes, the most popular social media platforms used worldwide include Facebook (2.45 billion), Instagram (2.3 billion), and LinkedIn (675 million). Judging by Medium, a whopping 49% of the planet’s population uses social media to follow the latest news and to communicate withtheir peers.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to writing blog headlines for social media
marketing. You can either write your headlines before writing the blog post or approach the article without a headline attached yet.

The choice is entirely up to you, as it depends on your writing skills and affinities as a content
creator. Sometimes writing the headline first will help focus your efforts and keep you on topic. At other times, you might want to write an opinion piece or a tutorial and simply formulate a headline afterward.

Regardless of which path you choose, it’s important that your headline matches the actual content of the article. Never write sensationalist headlines that promise the moon to its readers only to follow that up with mediocre or irrelevant content. Writing killer headlines for your blog post can reflect very favorably for your social media pages, website, and business as a whole in certain ways including:

  • Global brand awareness with both B2C and B2B leads
  • Higher reader engagement and subsequent conversion
  • Better alignment with target audience’s expectations
  • Better reach and relevance within your industry
  • Audience’s inclination to share and repost your content
  • Higher profitability compared to website-only publishing
  • Access to audience interaction data for future improvements

Writing Killer Headlines for your Social Media Blog Posts

Avoid Copying Social Media Headlines from Other Outlets

It’s important that your blog post headlines are as unique and original as possible to avoid confusing your audience and SEO algorithms. While you should absolutely use leading industry websites as inspiration for what works and doesn’t work, avoid copying their headlines outright. This will ensure a more positive reception of your content and intrigue readers to check out your blog posts.

“How-to” Still Works Wonders

Blog posts that rely on a “how-to” structure will always have good reception with social media
users. Blog headlines that include “how-to” inherently promise guidance and advice to the reader. Thus, you can write tutorials on various aspects of your industry and include “how-to” in the title to communicate your intent. These words can also be combined with a simple call to action and lead to original and engaging headlines, which will help drive your conversions. Writing assistant can save your precious time by automating content writing and editing tasks.

Adopt the Question Format

Piquing the interest of your audience is always a good way to engage them and drive more traffic toward your blog posts. Your blog headlines can easily adopt a question format instead of stating a fact about your article. You can ask your readers a question about a certain issue your content can help them solve and thus incline them to click for details. As we’ve previously mentioned, you should always follow up on your headlines with relevant content, and question-type headlines are no different. For engaging blog headlines, use an essay writer to ensure your content both answers reader questions effectively and keeps them engaged.

Present Certain Benefits through Social Media Headlines

Benefit-oriented headlines inherently promise a payoff for the reader prior to their engagement
with the blog post. Depending on the niche you write your blog posts in, you can present a plethora of different benefits to your readers to attract them. For example, if you write blog posts about digital marketing, the “benefits” you include in the headline can range from “higher conversion” to “increased sales.” Whoever reads that headline will know that by reading your article, they will have more information on how to achieve that particular benefit.

Numeric Values Intrigue the Reader

Numbers and empiric values can add a lot of credibility to your blog post headlines. You can use
trustworthy outlets such as Forbes or Medium and refer to their studies for the headlines you write. Alternatively, you can conduct your own research into whichever topic you want to write about and use its results in your headline. Headlines with numeric values carry an aura of objectivity, which is great for engaging and converting social media users, especially in today’s fake news climate.

Don’t Forget Your Keywords

Even though you intend to publish blog posts on social media, keywords still play a large role in your content’s visibility and subsequent engagement. Readers who want to read more about “digital marketing” will search for digital marketing related keywords in order to filter out relevant content for themselves. You can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner or SEM Rush to learn more about which keywords you can integrate into your headlines, and writing services like GetGoodGrade to ask professional writers to incorporate them appropriately to the headline. Make sure to write headlines freehand first and foremost before you optimize them for better search ranking to preserve their uniqueness and writing style.

Driving Conversions through Creative Writing

Writing killer headlines for your social media blog posts is all about putting a personal stamp on
your content through creative writing. You can give your blog posts a lot of credibility and appeal by writing headlines with your own words and tone of voice. Once you are satisfied with a headline, you can revise it and add certain trending keywords to it to attract the right readers more easily. Build your brand with professionalism and originality in mind, and the right audience will always be there to help drive your conversions.

Dorian Martin is a writer, editor, and content writing expert at GetGoodGrade writing service.
Dorian is a graduate of mass communication and computer science, passions which he aims to
express through his writing. He is a keen writer who enjoys working on blog articles, case studies, and research papers for academic students. In his spare time, Dorian likes to learn about data science and AI, as well as contribute to his personal blog.

This article does not constitute legal advice.

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