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Self-management is crucial when running your business. When you take responsibility for your actions and doing things to the best of your ability, you’re showing members of your team that you’re sound and can contribute to the team as a leader. You should remember, you’re not just being the boss to your team, but you’re also acting as the boss of YOU.

Here are some of the ways that self-management is crucial to your team-building success. It is a great skill to have no matter which industry you’re in, and can help you deal with happenings outside of work as well.

Task Management

“How you manage your time is key, when it comes to self-management,” said Harvey Howarth, a business writer at Write My X and Britstudent. “When you make a list of priorities, you’ll get the ball rolling. And when you assign different tasks to each member of your team, you’re managing your time really well; and it helps you determine which tasks need heavy prioritising, and which ones to wait on for another day.”

Prioritising which things to do ‘now,’ and which to do ‘later’ will help you make tremendous progress in your work.

Keep in mind though: you, as a manager, will have to communicate these given tasks to your team members in order to get started on the day’s (or week’s) work.

Productivity vs Downtime

Everyone deserves a break every now and again. But when you have a huge workload to tackle, how do you find the time to take a break?

Managing your downtime can not only give you the break that you need every once in a while, but it will also give you peace of mind that production is still happening. This will let you enjoy your downtime. The best way to do this is by creating a schedule that works for you and your team. Proper planning and time management will help you to stay focused on the task(s) at hand, and to better function in productivity. And if you feel that a task is becoming too tedious, switch tasks and come back to it later. But, be sure to also communicate this to your team.

Stress Management

Stress is a leading cause of burnout and it can seriously ruin your workday. It even ruins lives. But let’s not overreact.  You can overcome this obstacle by using effective stress-relieving techniques.

If you’re prone to impulsive behaviours, instead of using it for anger, use it for good. Use that same energy to motivate yourself to do something. But first, breathe, think, and relax.

Importantly, don’t take it out on your team. If a problem arises, think of ways it can be resolved rather than wasting time on anger and blame. When everyone has a cool head in a situation, together you’ll make the right choices and move forward to the task(s) at hand without upsetting anyone, or yourself.


“Whenever problems arise – regardless of whether it’s technical, interpersonal, you name it – you have to exhibit self-management and solve whatever is going wrong,” said John S. Catlett, an tech blogger at 1Day2Write and NextCoursework. “Your team will look to you to help solve these types of problems. As a manager, you have to ask yourself questions: What started the problem? What are the worst-case scenarios? How do you define success? Are your team members asking questions? Are they communicating with you and your team about anything? Are you open to other people’s opinion(s)? What happens if nothing is done? What is the best alternative, if all else fails? In short, your team looks to you to make the call. Take control.”

When you take control of a situation, this will motivate your team to also take initiative, and there will eventually be a resolution.

To Sum Up

As you think about the ways that self-management is effective in the workplace, these can also be incorporated outside of work. When you stop and think about your actions, and make sure that you’re acting accordingly and responsibly, you’ll find that you’re doing well in managing not only your team but also (and more importantly) yourself. Again, your employees will look to you to lead them in the right direction; so be sure to brush up and maintain your self-managing skills.

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