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To begin, HR professionals need to take care of a wide range of duties, data, and paperwork. Routine and repetitive tasks consume a lot of their time and prevent them from focusing on employee satisfaction. Fortunately, various advances in HR technology can help them automate most manual tasks. 

As such, here are several tech solutions that will take your human resource management processes. 

Boosting Employee Engagement and Recognition

According to Gallup, 67% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged. Disengagement negatively impacts employee satisfaction, performance, and retention. 

Now, one of the most effective ways to engage employees and encourage their loyalty is to establish a thorough employee recognition program and personal awards. Importantly, with employee recognition tools, HR managers can automate the process. 

For example, Bonusly is a cloud platform for incentivizing employees and celebrating their accomplishments. The tool offers more than 175 employee incentivizing options and integrates with most HR and team collaboration tools. With it, peers can recognize each other. 

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Generally, acquiring and recruiting top talent can pose a heavy toll on your HR managers’ time and budget. Typically, it requires a lot of planning and manual work. This includes creating and optimizing job ads, sorting candidate applications, and reviewing their data. 

Advanced hiring and recruiting technologies often use AI and ML to analyze candidate data faster. And help you recruit the right people faster. According to statistics, over half of the HR organizations already use AI for talent acquisition.  However, with the integration of recruitment CRM software, the hiring process becomes more efficient. These advanced tools leverage AI and ML to swiftly analyze candidate data, aiding in faster and more accurate selections.

Here are a few fields where AI improves the hiring process:

  • Candidate Sourcing

With AI-driven sourcing tools, you can scan online applications automatically and identify the candidates that meet company needs. 

Statistics say that 55% of HR managers believe that automation will become a regular part of the candidate screening process.

  • Candidate screening

Today, there are many tools and services that enable thorough background checking, from tenant screening to candidate analysis.

Notably, AI-driven candidate screening tools rely on predictive performance testing. They use machine learning and pattern recognition to match candidate profiles with your company’s needs. It analyzes their skills, roles, and expertise levels to create scores and help you shortlist candidates. 

  • Scheduling and interviewing 

Your HR managers do not need to schedule interviews with candidates manually anymore. With an automated scheduling tool, candidates can choose the interview time that is most convenient to them. 

Compliance Is Getting More Efficient

In general, managing compliance is not your HR managers’ favorite task, but it is a necessity. Without compliance, companies are at risk of fines, lawsuits, bankruptcy, and closure. 

However, staying compliant can be challenging. The industry regulations are constantly changing. Your HR team’s hands are filled with mounds of paperwork and information that are difficult to handle.

That is where investing in compliance screening software steps in. With these software solutions, companies can automatically manage all details that come with compliance. They can also help you find the applicable rules and regulations. Instead of searching for new regulations and applying them manually, the software will do that for you.  

Most importantly, compliance software solutions come with reliable tracking systems. They help you track changes to documents and identify who made them. 

Ensuring Efficient People Management

People management tools help you stay on top of a wide range of activities. This includes everything from payroll to performance management. While the software will take care of all the tedious and repetitive processes, your HR team will focus more on people. 

For example, BambooHR is one of the top-rated HR management tools. Its benefit lies in the diversity of people management options. It builds a central repository for employee data. This includes job titles, training programs, responsibilities, location, emergency contacts, work status, and so forth. 

Some other features of the HR system include:

  • Benefit administration
  • Time-off requests
  • Performance management
  • Training tracking
  • Workflows and approvals
  • Staff calendars
  • Reminders
  • Electronic signatures

Improving Internal Communications

Essentially, with the rise of wearable devices and cloud technologies, business communications are not limited to overwhelming phone calls and back-and-forth emails. Subsequently, with advanced communication tools, you can improve employee collaboration and consistency in employee interactions.

Here are a few internal communications tools that can boost workplace communication:

  • Intranets

An intranet is your company’s private network for internal communications. Employees can use it to upload/download files. As well as access company data, and share social media updates.

  • Instant Messaging Tools

In the mobile-first era, your employees want to stay connected in real-time via multiple devices. That is particularly important to remote workers amid the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Importantly, instant messaging tools allow your staff to stay connected, irrespective of their locations. With Slack, they can send text messages, videos, photos, and web links. Consequently, these tools make conversations more natural and faster than email communications. As such, they are perfect for handling urgent issues and sharing company-wide announcements.

HR Technologies are the Future of your Business

HR technology is no longer optional. It is inevitable for any company wanting to streamline HR processes and boost employee satisfaction. With cloud technologies, automation, and artificial intelligence, companies can build a holistic HR department. 

One crucial aspect of HR technology that is transforming businesses is event staff scheduling software. This software provides an efficient solution for managing and organizing the schedules of event staff. It eliminates the need for manual scheduling and allows HR managers to easily assign shifts, track availability, and communicate updates to the staff. With event staff scheduling software, HR professionals can streamline the process, save time, and ensure that events are adequately staffed. This technology improves internal communications by providing a centralized platform where managers and staff can collaborate and stay informed about their schedules and any changes that may occur. By embracing HR technologies like event staff scheduling software, companies can enhance their overall efficiency and productivity.

How do you use technology to boost your HR management? Which HR tools do you use? Share your experiences with us!

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