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What is an Employment Contract (Part-time) Template?

A Part-time Employment Contract is a contract by which a company hires an employee on a part-time basis working fewer than 35 hours per week.

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What is an Employment Contract (Part-Time)?

A Part-time Employment Contract is a contract by which a company hires an employee on a part-time basis working fewer than 35 hours per week. Essentially, the Employment Contract sets out in detail the various aspects of employment. Importantly, when drafting an Employment Contract (part-time), the employer should be aware of certain statutory provisions in determining the terms of employment. For example, the amount of minimum wage (if applicable), rest days, annual leave, statutory holidays, and maximum working hours (if applicable).

What are the different types of Employment Contracts?

Full-time contracts

These are the most common contracts. A full-time contract includes the employee’s salary or hourly wage. Generally, full-time employees work 35+ hours a week.

Part-time employment contracts

Obviously, part-time employees have fewer working hours than full-time employees. However, they may also hold permanent positions. Also, part-time employment contracts contain many of the same terms as full-time contracts. The number of scheduled hours per week should be clearly stated in the contract, as well as any optional overtime hours.

Fixed-term contracts

These contracts have been set and agreed upon in advance to last for a specified amount of time. In some cases, fixed-term contracts do not include an exact time frame but instead will end when a specific task is fulfilled or completed.

Temporary contracts

A temporary contract is extended when a contract is not expected to become permanent and will have an end that may be subjected to change. Temporary contracts may be extended in line with demand and availability.

Agency contracts

These types of contracts are managed by an employment agency or recruitment office. The length of the contract will depend on the demand of the employer as well as their availability. Typically, employees on these types of contracts work on a temporary basis.

Freelancers and contractors

Typically, contracts differ from position to position. Generally, employees are considered self-employed which implies that all government-issued taxes if applicable are to be paid by the employee. The salary may be based on pieces of work or set projects, including a start and end date, meaning the contract ends upon completion.

Zero-hour contracts

Also known as casual contracts. This means an employee works only when required by the employer. The employee is not obligated to accept any work that is offered, and the employer is not obligated to provide any set work hours for the employee. Casual contract workers get the same yearly leave as permanent workers. In addition, they are also free to seek employment elsewhere.

Do you need an employment contract for part-time work?

Yes, part-time workers also need an employment contract like full-time workers before taking employment. In most cases, full-time work and part-time work are similar. Generally, the only difference is the number of hours in the contract. So, having an employment contract for a part-time job will help the employee and employer to nail down the working hours, pay rate, as well as other terms and conditions.

How many hours is the minimum for part-time?

Notably, this very much depends upon the country where the work takes place. Essentially, every country has its own laws and regulation. However, very generally speaking, most part-time jobs require a minimum of 20 hours and as many as 35 hours per week.

Can part-time employment contracts be combined with other types of contracts?

Yes, you can combine part-time employment contracts with other types of employment contracts. You can do this for an indefinite period of time or for a fixed period of time as well. For example, you can take on freelance assignments or sign another part-time employment contract (that does not interlude with your current timing). However, there are some slight exceptions to this such as in the case of training or apprenticeship contracts as you are required to devote part of your working day.

Can part-time workers work overtime?

Part-timers are prohibited from working overtime. They can agree to work additional hours to their normal working hours, but it should not exceed 30% of the working hours stated in their employment agreement. 

While this limit can be extended by negotiating with the employer, it is usually only extended to a maximum of 60% of the agreed working days’ time. Also, the distribution of the time is quite flexible too. 

Things to Include in Part-Time Employment Contract

  • The full name and address of the employer and employees.
  • Clearly written job title and responsibilities
  • Joining date of the job
  • Salary paid (Hourly, Weekly, or monthly)
  • Information regarding company leave policy
  • Restrictive clauses


A part-time employment contract is just as essential as one for full-time work. It sets out the expectations of an employer to an employee so both parties know exactly what they are entering into.

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