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What is a request for credit terms letter?

A Letter to Supplier Requesting Credit Terms is a formal written document sent by one business to a supplier requesting credit terms for the goods or services they purchase.

Businesses that have built trust or have a consistent purchasing record with a supplier may request extended payment terms to help manage cash flow, maintain liquidity, or foster business growth.

How to request credit terms from supplier

A letter requesting credit generally contains:

Introduction: A brief intro about the business and previous dealings with the supplier.

Purpose of the Letter: Clearly stating the request for credit terms. This might be for a specified time frame (30, 60, or 90 days) after the goods have been delivered or services rendered rather than paying upfront or upon delivery.

Business Justification: Reasoning for the request, which might be rooted in:

  • A consistent and positive history of timely payments to the supplier.
  • Increase in order volume or frequency, which might justify more flexible terms.
  • The industry standard or norms, which include credit terms as part of business dealings.
  • An intent to foster a long-term relationship with the supplier.

Business Stability Indicators: A showcase of the financial health of the business, which could be in the form of:

  • Recent financial statements or summaries.
  • Business growth metrics or projections.
  • References from other suppliers or financial institutions that offer similar credit terms.

Closing: A note of gratitude for considering the request, emphasizing the value the business places on the relationship with the supplier.

Contact Details: Information for the supplier to reach out if they have questions or need further details.

After sending this letter, it’s customary to wait for a formal response or agreement from the supplier, which might outline the specific terms and conditions of the credit arrangement. 

Keep in mind that not all suppliers will agree to extend credit, and the terms may be negotiable based on the business relationship and the supplier’s policies.

Why is a letter to supplier requesting credit terms important?

Sometimes, it’s necessary to request longer or different credit terms for paying back a supplier. Typically, this may be because of adverse business conditions or a change in plans. A request for credit terms helps to open communications with a supplier.

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When to use a letter to supplier requesting credit terms?

Payments to suppliers are mostly made on the shipment or 30 days after the contract. In either case, the quicker you send a request for credit terms, the better. Suppliers need to maintain cash flow to sustain their operations, so getting this information sooner will make them more willing to help.

What if you receive a credit terms request as a supplier?

Generally, if you receive a document for a change in credit terms, keep in mind that the customer is willing to negotiate in good faith. A friendly but formal response often leads to a good outcome.

Conversely, if your customer is late on a payment, you can send them a letter to demand payment.

A request for credit terms letter sample

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