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Basically, a Software Rights Assignment is an agreement to transfer the intellectual property rights of software from a software developer to another company. Essentially, the company being assigned the property rights will have full ownership of the source code. 

Conversely, if you are licensing the software, you’ll want to use a Software License Agreement instead. 

What is in a Software Rights Assignment Agreement? 

In essence, a software rights assignment assigns all intellectual property of a developed software. Usually, this includes source code, documentation, manuals, training materials, testing scripts, etc. Typically, the agreement specifies the name of the software and the version number.  Additionally, it may specify terms and conditions of use after the transfer of ownership.

When Should You Use a Software Rights Assignment? 

Basically, you’ll want to use this template when you are transferring or selling intellectual property to another company.  However, if you are looking to license your software, you should use a Software License Agreement instead.


In summary, easy-to-use templates for your software company can enable your team to grow. And, without increasing your administrative burden. Thus, an agreement generated from Zegal allows you to take control.

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