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Julian Lee, Founder of Ambi Climate
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Ambi Climate

Ambi Climate: A.I. Enhanced Air Conditioning Comfort ACs today control for temperature alone, but other factors affect how hot or cold you feel – humidity, changing weather, and even your daily metabolic cycle. Using multiple sensors and artificial intelligence, Ambi Climate analyses the impact of these factors on your thermal comfort, and auto-adjusts your AC to deliver a tailor made experience; maximising both comfort and efficiency.

Ambi Climate also offers smart home convenience. Whether it’s turning on your AC before you get home, or setting rules and timers for when you’re out of the house, you can monitor and control your AC anywhere, at anytime, through your smartphone. Ambi Climate is used in over 40 countries today, and has been positively reviewed both on Amazon and by media all around the globe. Users report that over and under cooling are virtually eliminated, boosting comfort, and allowing them to save 20-30% of their AC energy consumption.

Ambi Climate awarded Computex d&i Award 2017, Trailblazer Award at IoT Asia 2017, Smart Tech Winner at the HKTDC Electronics Industries Awards 2016, Winner of the Pitch Contest at RISE Hong Kong in 2015, and People’s Choice at Echelon Singapore 2014.

The Problem

When developing new IoT prototypes, it’s crucial for businesses to keep their proprietary information confidential. This was the concern Julian Lee, CEO of Ambi Climate, had at the top of his mind as he searched for good legal service providers in Hong Kong. However, he found that legal documents tended to be expensive, with significant turnaround time. In addition, the Ambi Climate team found it crucial to be understand the parameters of the legal agreements they were drafting, and were looking for a resource that would also educate them on the contents of their legal agreements.

Success Story

After starting to use Zegal, the Ambi Climate team were able to approach the process of generating their own legal agreements with greater ease. Given Zegal’s extensive document library of more than 200 legal documents, the team could easily find the document that they needed, and have it ready within a short timeframe. For more detailed documents that required more extensive negotiations with partners, the Ambi Climate team also found that the documents available in Zegal’s document library provided a good framework from which they could approach their discussions.


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