Overview of a General Appeals Form

A General Appeals Form is a document for an employee to appeal against a decision of the employer, including a leave application or a change of work conditions.

A General Appeals Form is part of a Grievance Procedure and can be used by an employee to appeal against a decision made by management related to any aspect of their employment relationship.

A General Appeals Form is not legally required but it is good management practice to make it available to all employees.

Tips for writing an appeal letter

Go through Company Policy: check what the procedure for grievances is. Ensure that what you’re appealing for is valid as per the policy. 

Know who to address: You want your issues to be resolved quickly and appropriately. This is only possible when you address it to the correct person.

Use an official business letter format: Be sure to use a proper formal letter.

Use a correct tone: Avoid trying to put blame or express judgment in your writing. Be persuasive about the issue at hand without making it sound aggressive. Make sure it is polite and friendly.

Express what your expectation is:  Explicitly state what you expect the next actions to be.

Keep it brief: Keep your letter to the point and short. Express all that matters without unnecessary details.

Follow up: If you don’t hear from them for quite some time, send in a follow-up in case it’s been missed.


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