The delivery of modern legal services lies in working together, digitally.

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The delivery of modern legal services lies in working together, digitally.

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Law-as-a-service (LaaS)

Clients increasingly expect to engage with technology in the delivery of all professional services. Law is no exception and law firms must leverage technology to meet these evolving client demands.

Zegal partners with law firms large and small across the globe, with technology that creates a truly digital platform on which law firms can build new businesses; a new charging model to build additional revenues; and above all a fundamentally new way to work with their clients on their contracts from any device at any time.

We call this law-as-a-service.

Work with your clients
wherever you (or they) are

Zegal is an online contract collaboration platform designed for business clients to manage, negotiate and e-sign documents; and to work with their legal advisors. There is nothing to set up or install. In the platform, your clients can self-service a number of their simpler legal needs, as well as collaborate with your firmʼs lawyers when they need help and legal advice.

Create bespoke legal workflows

Zegal makes complex contracting simple with a beautiful and intuitive user interface. Your clients can quickly draft, negotiate, and sign high volumes of standard contracts within a safe and controlled environment. Your platform is designed to be highly customisable. You can include your firm's legal precedents. You can add templates from the Zegal library; and you can personalise your client's experience by adding their own templates to their secure account.

Your look and feel

Zegal technology allows you to create a platform that matches your brand (or even for you to create a new brand). Think about Zegal as an empty digital box, waiting to be filled. It delights clients when it is paired with your legal know-how.

Create new revenue streams for your firm

  • Empower your legal team to work more effectively, automate low-level legal work
  • Establish and maintain better client relationships
  • Earn new revenue from high-value offerings
  • A platform your clients will love

Leading regional law firm Rajah & Tann launched RTReadydocs with Zegal to serve SMEs and fast growth companies across 10 Asian markets.


One of the largest full-service law firms in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The firm has been at the leading edge of law in Asia

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I can rest easy knowing that Zegal has me covered for almost any kind of business scenario I can imagine.

Jason Momoa
Operations Team

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