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What is a Share Certificate?

A Share Certificate is a certificate that evidences the holder’s title to shares.

Share Certificate is required for any type of equity investment.

A Share Certificate is a very important document that must be kept in safe custody.

Share Certificate is a certificate that evidences the holder’s title to shares. You may use this certificate for ordinary shares or a different class of shares. 
This Share Certificate is for issuance of fully paid shares only. If you intend to issue shares that are not fully paid, please seek professional legal advice on the implication, and get lawyers to help customise this certificate.
Share Certificate typically needs to be signed by two directors, or one director and the company secretary of the company. If you have questions about how to properly execute a Share Certificate in your situation, please talk to a lawyer.

Key points included

  • Certificate number;
  • Number of shares covered by the certificate; and
  • Identity (name and address) of the holder.

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