Sync with Google Drive.

Power-up Google Drive with auto-sync, tagging and key contract date reminders from Zegal.

All your files in one place

Push any Zegal documents to Google, and pull your existing contracts into Zegal.

Key dates & notifications

Zegal automatically tracks key events and dates from your contracts, and creates tasks for you, so you’ll never miss a contract expiry again.
key notes-google drive

Retrieve documents fast

Add tags to your files to make them easy for you or your team to find, or search by key terms from the contract.
docuemnts-google drive

Simplify your workflow

Switch between Google documents and your Zegal contracts without ever leaving your workspace.
workflow-google drive

ZegalSign & Google Drive

Securely e-sign any documents in Drive using ZegalSign, our native e-Signature platform
google drive