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Clients today are becoming increasingly discerning when it comes to their experience accessing legal services. They now expect to engage with technology whatever service they are seeking, and accessing legal services is no exception. They also want more value for money.

To compete, you need to be progressive, streamline your processes, work smarter, and gain a competitive edge. Before you know it, all law firms will be servicing their clients online. You won’t be the first, but make sure you aren’t the last!

“Our clients run fast-paced businesses with tight deadlines. They expect lawyers to leverage the latest technologies to deliver top quality and efficient services.”  –
Stephen Chan, Partner, Oldham, Li & Nie

DotDotFire +
Oldham, Li & Nie

Francis is the CEO and Co-founder of DotDotFire, an EduTech startup.

Before subscribing to the legal platform powered by Zegal and supported by Oldham, Li  & Nie, DotDotFire had never used a lawyer, relying instead on advice from friends of team members or a quick Internet search.

Now, Francis and his team can easily complete simple legal tasks on the platform quickly and with confidence and get advice on more complex problems by talking to a lawyer from a law firm directly via the platform.


Modernise your legal service with Zegal

Zegal is an online collaborative platform designed for legal advisors to work with business clients. There is nothing to set up or install.

Offer your clients an online experience

Show clients that you are using technology to deliver superior legal services by sending them to your branded login portal. In the portal, your clients can self-service a number of their simple legal needs, as well as chat directly to your firm’s lawyers when they want help and advice.

Simplify your clients’ contracting processes

Zegal makes complex contracting simple for business teams with a beautiful and intuitive user interface. They can quickly draft, negotiate, and sign high volumes of standard contracts within a safe and controlled environment.

Empower your clients to collaborate on workflows

Your clients can select from a library of best-practice workflow solutions, designed to help them navigate each legal situation that they encounter. Each workflow contains step-by-step guidance, making your clients comfortable and informed at every stage of engagement. They can keep matters on track and complete them faster. Workflow and document templates can be tailored by your firm or substituted with your firm’s existing precedent library if you choose.

Provide contextual legal advice and transparency

Clients can add your legal team to their accounts so you can help them complete any workflows. You can easily comment or seek clarification on documents within each workflow. All comments are conveniently and safely stored together with each document, so everything stays contextual. Zegal provides a central view of all workflows and contracts, allowing your clients to see their status, together with audit trails that record each and every user interaction.



Why choose Zegal?

A platform your clients will love

At Zegal, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our paying customers are business users who want to use lawyers within our platform. This is proven by the fact that our platform is trusted and used by business users from over 30 industries globally. We did not want to create another practice management tool for lawyers; instead we created a beautiful platform that your clients will want to pay for and use with your legal team on an ongoing basis.

Empower your legal team to work more effectively

We automate all of the low-level legal work while enabling lawyers to stay in the loop with many clients, so you can provide high-value advice when needed. Your law firm can free up resources, empower your team to work more effectively, and create the capacity to take your law practice to the next level. The more clients you onboard to the platform, the faster you grow your practice and the more successful your firm.

Establish and maintain better client relationships

Client engagement usually ends when a project has been completed and the client thinks they no longer need your legal advice. However, by using this portal for their business and legal processes, your clients will see the value of staying with you on a recurring retainer, and turn to you for support as their legal advisor whenever needed, creating countless opportunities to build deeper relationships.

Earn new revenue from high-value offerings

Today, business clients, especially those higher in the value chain, are seeking integrated, multidisciplinary solutions. With our platform, you can offer to help your clients design and manage their legal and business processes, creating new efficiencies and increasing profitability for them. Your clients will be grateful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What content will my clients have access to?

    Your clients can gain full access to our standard library of:

    • over 200 types of documents in any one of these jurisdictions: Hong Kong, Singapore, England and Wales, Australia, or New Zealand
    • all workflow solutions in the chosen jurisdiction, which will guide your clients through the processes of fundraising, dealing with employment and benefits, managing GDPR/privacy/data issues, SME trading, IP management, and countless others that we are adding to the library as we speak


    There is no limit to how many documents your clients can create or how many workflow solutions they can use.

  • Can my firm offer custom content to my clients?

    Yes. Workflow and document templates can be tailored by your firm or substituted with your firm’s existing precedent library if you choose, at one-off fees that you can pass onto your clients. Your firm can also choose to make specific templates accessible to only certain clients.

  • Will my clients be subscribing directly to Zegal or through my firm?

    We recommend that you collect from your clients a monthly retainer fee that already includes the Zegal subscription fee. Once they have started paying you, you can pay for the Zegal subscription on their behalf and we will set up your clients’ accounts for you.

  • Should my firm enter into an engagement/service agreement with Zegal? Is Zegal my client?

    No, Zegal is not your client. We simply provide an online platform for you to deliver great legal services to your clients.

  • Will using Zegal with my clients affect my way of handling KYC/conflict checks?

    No. You can adopt your existing KYC/conflict checking procedures with these clients, just as you would with other clients. You should also sign an engagement/service agreement with them directly.

  • Some of my clients do not want to input or do anything themselves but prefer to leave it to us, their legal advisors. Is this product useful for these situations?

    Yes, absolutely. You can enter the client’s account to help them create or manage any documents or workflows while allowing your client to:

    • see the progress of each workflow or document, and quickly provide instructions to you if it shows that the ball is in their court
    • see at a glance the milestones you have achieved for them within each workflow and how many more checkpoints are required to complete the whole workflow
    • easily keep and retrieve records in one place, for the sake of good compliance
    • quickly approve or sign documents electronically whenever and wherever they are

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