Overview of a Letter of Demand (Final reminder)

What is a Letter of Demand (Final reminder)?

A Letter of Demand (Final reminder) is a short, clear final demand for payment of amounts due.

 A Letter of Demand (Final reminder) states the debt that is owed, why it is owed, and when the debt must be paid.

Letters of demand (also known as payment reminder letters) are important because they timestamp the collection process, and serve as important evidence in legal proceedings that ensue (if any). The Letter of Demand (Final reminder) is the ultimatum – collection will escalate into legal action if repayment is further delayed.

Key points included

– information about the transaction for which the debt was incurred;

– information about the invoices dispatched to the recipient;

– information about the original due date of the debt;

– date of the first and second reminder letters.

Alternative names for a Letter of Demand (Final reminder)

Final Recovery Notice, Final Demand Notice, Final Payment Reminder

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