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Amend a contract you've already signed

Appoint a consultant

Appoint a consultant for a series of projects

Appoint an advisor

Chase late payments

Communicate with shareholders

Form a partnership

General business

Hire a freelancer

Hire a new employee

Issue new shares in your company

Make a business referral

Partner with another business

Privacy Policy generator

Protect personal data

Protect your IP

Raise money through a loan

Raise money through a Preference Shares round

Raise money through a Seed Shares round

Raise money with a Convertible Note

Raise money with a SAFE

Sell products

Sell services

Sell shares in your company

Set up a Founder's Agreement

Set up a Shareholders' Agreement

Set up your Board of Directors

Set up your company Option Scheme

Sign an NDA

Terms of Use generator

Vest shares to an employee or consultant

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