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Amend a contract you've already signed

Contract Addendum
Deed of Novation
Letter Ending a Contract
Letter to Amend Employment Contract
Mutual Termination of Contract Letter

Appoint a consultant

Consultancy Agreement

Appoint a consultant for a series of projects

Master Service Agreement
Statement of Work

Appoint an advisor

Consultancy Agreement
FAST Agreement

Chase late payments

Final Payment Reminder Letter
First Payment Reminder Letter
Grant of Request for Extension of Time
Late Payment Apology Letter
Letter Accepting Payments in Instalments
Letter Giving Notice of Dishonour of a Cheque
Letter to Creditor Negotiating for Reduction of Amount Outstanding
Letter to Customer Agreeing Credit Terms
Letter to Customer Rejecting Credit Terms
Letter to Instruct Lawyers/Solicitors for Outstanding Invoices
Letter to Supplier Requesting Credit Terms
Notice of Overdue Payment
Notice of Payment 60 Days Overdue
Second Payment Reminder Letter
Settlement Offer on Disputed Amount

Hire a freelancer

Freelance Agreement

Hire a new employee

Employment Contract
Employment Contract (Part-time)
Flexible Working Policy
Job Offer Letter

Make a business referral

Business Referral Agreement

Partner with another business

Business Referral Agreement
Franchise Agreement
Project Collaboration Agreement

Privacy Policy generator

Website Privacy Policy

Raise money through a loan

Intragroup Loan Agreement
Loan Agreement
Promissory Note

Raise money through a Preference Shares round

Issue New Shares
Preference Shares Investment Agreement
Preference Shares Investment Term Sheet

Raise money through a Seed Shares round

Issue New Shares
Ordinary Shares Investment Agreement
Ordinary Shares Investment Term Sheet
Share Subscription Letter

Raise money with a Convertible Note

Convertible Note Certificate
Convertible Note Instrument
Convertible Note Subscription Agreement
Convertible Note Subscription Letter
Convertible Note Term Sheet
Shareholders’ Resolution to Issue Convertible Notes

Raise money with a SAFE

SAFE Pro Rata Rights Agreement
Shareholders’ Resolution to Issue Convertible Notes
Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

Sell B2B products

Manufacturing Agreement
Sale of Goods Agreement
Sale of Goods Contract

Sell B2B services

Consultancy Agreement
Master Service Agreement
Statement of Work
Supply of Services Agreement
Supply of Services Contract

Sell shares in your company

Contract Notes
Instrument of Transfer
Notice of a Special Meeting of the Directors
Share Certificate
Share Sale Agreement

Set up a Founder's Agreement

Pre incorporation Founders’ Agreement

Set up a Shareholders' Agreement

Deed of Adherence
Shareholders’ Agreement

Set up your Board of Directors

Director Resignation Letter
Director’s Service Contract
Non-executive Director’s Letter of Appointment
Notice of Directors’ Meeting

Set up your company Option Scheme

Option Certificate
Share Option Plan

Sign an NDA

Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)

Terms of Use generator

Mobile App Terms of Use
Pre-release Software Terms of Use
Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace
Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Goods
Terms of Use

Vest shares to an employee or consultant

Share Vesting Agreement

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