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Zegal’s extensive document library and lawyer support takes care of the legals so you can focus on growing your business.

Build, customise, and eSign complex agreements, personalised to your business needs. Keep everyone in one secure space and in the loop, and forget the dark days of email attachments and printers.

Scale-ups love it

Zegal isn’t only for established businesses. From inception to scale-up, startups have access to all they contracts they need. And investors love the tidy record keeping.

Easily manage HR agreements and policies

Send out offer letters, hire employees or consultants, and implement employee option schemes. Zegal saves your HR team time and resources by creating an effortless experience that impresses new hires.

Sales proposals

Law Firms, Lawyers and In-house Counsel

We designed Zegal ground up for Legals and because we’ve built tools like the Document Builder, in-app editor, Workflow Editor, and a huge contract template library you know that your Sales, HR and other teams that rely on contracts can use it easily too.

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