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Zegal is a comprehensive, user-friendly CLM platform to streamline contract creation, negotiation, and execution. Users can effortlessly collaborate with team members and external parties, while customisable templates and a centralised repository make managing contracts a breeze.

Save time, money, and stress. Zegal’s cutting-edge online platform will get the legals right every time. Streamline contract creation, taxes, shares, HR policies, and more.
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Zegal Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Automated template library, collaborative editor, native e-Signing, secure cloud storage and contract management. All in one tool.


Document Builder


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OneDrive & GDrive Storage


Contract Reminders

Empower anyone in your org to create contracts

Sixty seconds is how long it takes to build and send out an NDA for e-Signing with the Zegal Document Builder. It is the most intuitive way to build documents without legal expertise. Clauses are automatically inserted or deleted based on a user’s answers, so your team can build error-free contracts in seconds.

In-app editor

Say hello to editing contracts natively in your browser. No more ‘save as’ and emailing attachments. Zegal puts everyone and everything together in one place. The document owner can invite people securely to join as viewer, commenter, editor, or signer (with member or admin rights). All changes are tracked so that the latest version is always the version that you are working on but with one click revert to an earlier version and one-click redlines against any draft.


Route documents easily, by entering an email address. The approver is securely invited to the workspace and approves, requests changes or rejects with a single click. We handle approvals processes that need multiple approvers in specific orders, and approvals that are based on logic, for example approving only if the value of the contract is above a specific $ value.


Your data and documents are encrypted and protected by ZegalSign and stored in a data infrastructure in your region and we store a non-editable audit trail with each signed document which tells you when, who and where (IP address) the document was signed.

OneDrive & GDrive Storage

We sync automatically with your Microsoft of Google cloud team drives so there is no need to alter the way you currently store contracts. We will just follow your lead.

Contract Reminders

Zegal automatically tracks key events and dates from your contracts, and creates tasks for you, so you’ll never miss a contract expiry again.

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