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Digital Engagement Letter Platform

The challenge: sending client engagement letters quickly with 100% SRA compliance

360 Law Services came to Zegal with a need for a software solution that would streamline the on-boarding of their fast growing team of solicitors and a new client engagement process.

The team wanted to do away with unnecessary bureaucracy or administration-heavy workflows in favour of a secure and intelligent software solution that would create a more efficient way of doing things.

They needed a tool that could automate workflows, hold their pre-made templates, and allow their lawyers to easily manipulate and adjust these templates as and when needed. In addition, the ability for clients to sign their engagement letter within the platform, and store the contracts in Office 365 SharePoint drive was critical.

Previously, sending out an engagement letter would involve multiple email threads, attachments, and far too much of the administrative team’s time. They needed a centralised tool that everyone could use and that would cut down the administrative burden, without sacrificing any of the compliance steps along the way.

360 Law Group


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Offices in UK, US and across AsiaPac

Zegal Solution

Digital Engagement Letter Platform for lawyers to create and e-Sign engagement letters, with automated sync to Sharepoint and the firm’s matter management system.

Reduced burden on backoffice team

great experience for new clients

automatically sync to sharepoint

+50 billable hours saved monthly

Digital Engagement Letter Platform

The automated engagement letter contracting platform has transformed the way the firm onboards clients. Now each solicitor has an individual account with access to the firm’s bespoke letter contract templates. Zegal’s intelligent document builder helps them to quickly and efficiently fill out the letter’s blank fields with the relevant information.

They can then easily signpost the letter for approval, ready to be sent out. The client simply clicks the link and e-signs the letter through the platform. No external software or attachments are needed. It’s a great first experience for the client.

Another feature which has relieved a huge amount of administrative load is the automatic filing. All signed documents are automatically stored within the Office 365 SharePoint drive, with financial data passed to the firm’s matter management system and all data backed up within Zegal, meaning 360 Law Group have them all in one centralised location.

This saves so much time and reduces the administrative workload from day one.

360 Law Group

At the core of 360 Law Group’s business is a commitment to innovation. The group encompasses both regulated and unregulated law firms, empowering the client with a choice of how they access legal services. 360 Law Services is the regulated arm of the firm and offers legal services in areas such as employment, immigration, family law, property law and more.

Constantly seeking new ways to harness the power of technology solutions, the collaboration with Zegal has been the ideal partnership to help make some of these visions a reality.

Why Zegal? 

As Robert Taylor, CEO and Barrister at 360 Law Group says, “Zegal has helped make our visions a reality. The team are easy-to-work with and led by a brilliant entrepreneur who is as excited about the potential unlocked by technology as we are. Another big factor was the flexibility offered by Zegal’s solutions and its economic ownership. The ability to continue adding workflows and adapting the platform to suit our needs as they develop is absolutely critical for ensuring our tech grows with our business.”