Basic Plan

7 documents for free, forever, and access to our tools

Startup Plan

SGD 1,890/year
12 months minimum
The 21* must-have Startup documents to hit the ground running.

Professional Plan

SGD 3,600/year
12 months minimum
200 + legal documents plus online support from a dedicated Relationship Manager

Managed Plans

from SGD 800/month
12 months minimum
200 + legal documents plus a dedicated law firm

Available Add-ons

Add users

Add, share, and collaborate on documents with other users within your organisation.


SGD 33/month (billed annually)

Add country

Create legal documents that are binding under the laws of other countries.


Professional Plans: SGD 225/month (billed annually)

Startup Plan only: SGD 125/month (billed annually)

Get legal advice

Managed plans are plans that combine a Zegal subscription with specific offerings from local law firms.


Reach out to us to find out what our partners are offering in Singapore.

Automate your documents

Take documents you already have in your business and convert them into easier-to-use workflows. E-sign and store online.


SGD 365/document*
*Not available on Startup Plan

Add group companies

Add, share, and collaborate on documents with other companies within your group.


SGD 47/month (billed annually)

HR Bundle

Whether you’re hiring, managing, or dismissing employees, get the HR Bundle from Zegal

SGD 100/month (billed annually)


Chinese Bundle

Get access to 20 commercial contracts written in Chinese that are commonly used in Hong Kong.


SGD 86/month (billed annually)

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