ZEGAL Thought Leadership Review 2021

In these pages, we have picked the brains of an elite group of thought leaders in the Legaltech industry. This assembly of experts ranges from lawyers, investors, and founders spanning Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom to provide insight, expertise, and foresight into the evolving Legaltech landscape.

“You cannot, as a regulated profession, compromise in areas like ethics, integrity, confidentiality, as far as our clients are concerned.” – Rajesh Sreenivasan

“I think the big question for me is the role of the AI. If you look at the legal profession, there is a lot of scope to actually automate and democratise legal services that have been provided by competent paralegals in the past.” – Emmanuel Pitsilis

“It’s made it more human! It’s removed the repetitive, task-based work where lawyers added less value and allowed more time to be spent with clients, focussing on more complex problem solving where experience is key and significant value is added.” – Terri Mottershead

“In my experience, lawyers at partnership level embrace the concept; but resist the specific proposal. Of course, in the long run, resistance is futile.” – Padraig Walsh

“Lawyers working with other professionals such as data analysts or software engineers allows all parties to develop a broader range of skills and, in my view, allows for the development of a more rounded 21st-century lawyer.” – Chris Sykes

“It’s that one change (which comes out of true law firm/technology company partnerships) – the desire to build stuff together for clients which is what I truly believe will accelerate the technology shift in legal services. This takes all of the guesswork out of transformation. Build products that clients need. Then start over and build more.” – Daniel Walker