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Grow your practice with technology

Get connected to an online ecosystem of 15,000+ Zegal clients from over 30 industries. Our easy-to-use online tools make it easier for you to bring in more clients and take your practice online. Our team will work with you to develop a tailored offering that suits your firm.

Build a closer relationship with clients

Collaborate with clients right within the Zegal web-app to offer a more personal touch. Phone and live chat means that you can work more efficiently and at times that are convenient for you and your clients. Most importantly, our encrypted technology creates a safe and secure environment to protect you and your clients.

Transparent pricing

Our subscription payment model means you will never need to chase payments, so you can focus on building and serving your client base. Clients subscribe to a monthly plan that consists of the monthly fee for using Zegal, together with the fees for your firm’s legal advice. You receive your fees in full, without deduction of any kind.

15,000+ businesses trust Zegal

Studio Cassells

“The ease of the online platform, the flexibility of creating documents whenever it’s convenient and share with different parties was the key attraction”


“I love that Zegal treats their customers with importance. They have gone above and beyond to make sure we are happy customers…”

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