Zegal: Revolutionising Contract Management for Tech Firms

Transform your contract management with Zegal’s streamlined, secure, and cutting-edge tech solutions.

Why tech unicorns choose Zegal

In the fast-paced world of technology, efficiency and compliance are paramount. Zegal offers powerful features tailored for tech enterprise.


Unleash the Power of Automation

With Zegal’s internationally compliant eSignature capabilities, executing cross-border agreements becomes swift and secure. Stay ahead in the global market.


80% of Zegal users report increased time for core activities due to automation.


Enhance Collaboration and Transparency

Promote a culture of collaboration and transparency with Zegal’s advanced collaboration tools. Foster better communication and quicker decisions by enabling your teams to work together in real-time on contracts and legal documents.


Increased team alignment and collaboration reported by 89% of users.


Boost Compliance in the Tech Sector

With stringent regulations like GDPR and data protection laws, tech companies need agile compliance tools. Zegal empowers you to maintain adherence to all regulations without hindering your pace of innovation.


95% of Zegal’s enterprise clients report enhanced compliance management.


Expedite Cross-Border Agreements

With Zegal’s internationally compliant eSignature capabilities, executing cross-border agreements becomes swift and secure. Stay ahead in the global market.


87% of clients experience faster international contract execution.


Smart Analytics and Reporting

Make informed, data-driven decisions with Zegal’s contract analytics and reporting. Monitor contract performance, compliance, and risks across your operations.


87% of users find Zegal’s analytics vital in strategic decision-making.


Power-Packed Integrations

Zegal offers seamless integration with your existing ERP, CRM and other business systems, for efficient data flow between different platforms and streamlined business processes for enhanced operational effectiveness.


92% of clients say Zegal’s integration capabilities are crucial to their operations.

TechGlobal’s success story with Zegal

TechGlobal Inc. is a multinational technology corporation specializing in AI-driven enterprise solutions. It operates in multiple countries and has a complex network of clients, vendors, and partners.


Challenges for TechGlobal

TechGlobal was struggling with managing its vast array of contracts efficiently. The legal team was overburdened, and cross-border compliance was becoming increasingly challenging.

Implementation of Zegal

Enterprise-Grade Centralized Repository

TechGlobal uses Zegal to create an enterprise-grade centralized repository for its international contracts. This secure repository can be accessed by authorized personnel from any location, ensuring consistency and control over global contracts.

Advanced Contract Automation and Customization

Zegal’s contract automation allows TechGlobal’s legal team to generate complex contracts using customized templates tailored for different jurisdictions. Custom fields and conditional logic enable the creation of highly personalized contracts.

Multi-Jurisdictional Compliance Tools

Zegal offers compliance monitoring tools that can be configured for multiple jurisdictions. TechGlobal uses these tools to ensure that its contracts adhere to local laws and regulations in different countries.

e-Signatures with International Standards

TechGlobal leverages Zegal’s eSignature capabilities that comply with international e-signature laws. This facilitates faster global contract execution and cross-border agreements.

Collaboration Tools for International Teams

TechGlobal’s teams across different countries collaborate on contract negotiation and development in real-time through Zegal. They use version control, threaded comments, and permission-based editing to streamline collaboration.

Contract Analytics and Reporting

TechGlobal uses Zegal’s analytics and reporting features to monitor contract performance, compliance, and risks across its global operations. The legal team uses these insights for strategic decision-making.

Integration with Enterprise Systems

TechGlobal integrates Zegal with its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This ensures seamless data flow between contracts and other business processes.

Smart Contract Renewals and Alerts

Zegal’s system sends alerts for contract milestones and uses AI to suggest smart renewals based on past data and market trends. This is critical for TechGlobal, which has a high volume of recurring contracts.

Dedicated Enterprise Support and Training

Zegal provides TechGlobal with a dedicated account manager, 24/7 support, and customized training sessions for different teams, ensuring that the organization can make the most of Zegal’s features.

Outcome for TechGlobal

TechGlobal transformed its global contract management processes with Zegal. The legal team focuses on strategic tasks, compliance risks are mitigated, and cross-border contract execution is faster and smoother. Operational efficiency is enhanced, and a robust legal foundation is established for expanding global business.

“Zegal played an integral role in the scaling and global success of TechGlobal. It’s like having a world-class legal team at your fingertips.” – CEO, TechGlobal

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HR Processes

How did SuperCharger, a FinTech accelerator, provide an environment for businesses to grow without worrying about legal complexities?

The biggest challenges were operational, especially legal documents, compliance, and the administrative overhead of running a successful business.

The Zegal app provided a collaborative platform for SuperCharger to dispense legal and administrative know-how to its clients.

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Engagement Letters

“Developing great relationships is fundamental to developing a long-term partnership with clients.”

iKas International is a global recruitment consultancy primarily focused on the Financial Services industry in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, and New York.

Zegal’s templates are vetted against local laws so that iKas could expand quickly to new territories.

Our online e-Signature service allows all their transactions to be done electronically without messy paperwork.

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Sales Processes

Travel Daily Media is a fast-growing online community dedicated to informing, connecting, and developing the world’s travel industry professionals.

With 200,000 subscribers worldwide, Travel Daily Media is a global B2B engagement platform for the travel industry.

Zegal built Travel Daily Media’s sales agreements to be completely automated.

By providing a bespoke experience, TD can better engage with clients using their brand and custom contracts, unlike with a generic template.

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