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When your business is all about buying to resell or producing to sell, a great way to increase profits is to sell with remote sales agents. Selling your items locally and internationally all depends on the skills your sales representatives possess. It is noteworthy that you make more profits when you decide to go global. So, if you must extend your services round the world, what approach can you embrace to ensure that you have the best remote sales agents?

Employing through a global PEO

As a business owner, you can employ sales agents remotely through the help of PEOs. A Professional Employers Organization (PEO) is an outsourcing firm. They provide human resources-related services for small and large businesses and can help you manage your staff and organize their payroll also. If you are employing the services of a global PEO such as NHGlobal Partners, they can help you expand your business globally. Global PEOs can help you hire sales agents remotely. They specialize in hiring ideal employees that are not resident in the country of the business needing staff. Once you feed them with what you are looking for in the perfect candidate, they will search for those qualities. The most significant advantage of using global PEOs is that they can hire remotely for you without setting up a legal bond between the staff and the business owners.

Check LinkedIn profiles for remote sales agents

Checking through LinkedIn profiles is one of the most effective ways of finding remote sales agents for your business. From the details they have on their profiles, you can find information on their experience and which types of companies they have worked with before. If you are not familiar with the company they work for, you can search it up to know what they are selling. Perhaps they do almost the exact products you are marketing, then the chances are that if you hire the person, it will be a successful hire. You may also discover someone who works for a high-performing company in sales, they might be an ideal candidate.

Visit online platforms to find remote sales agents

These days, building your business online has become a necessity because smartphone statistics state that nearly half (46%) of Americans check their smartphones as soon as they wake up. If you are an avid supporter of upgrading your organization using online platforms, you can easily find remote sales representatives there. There are several platforms where you can do your search. CommissionCrowd is one such platform. The platform mainly offers businesses the opportunity to hire and train sales representatives who only receive commissions. You also get to manage the staff you were able to recruit. You can also hire from Upwork. Upwork is a very robust platform where freelancers meet clients. So, you can make a post asking for remote sales agents for your business. You can even state what you are looking for in the ideal candidate and how many people you need. So people apply, and you can go through their cover letters and interview the perfect candidates. On Upwork, you don’t pay a fee to hire, but once you have hired and have started working with the freelancers, there are charges added at this stage.

Organize an assessment test

Another effective way of acquiring remote sales agents for your business is by organizing an assessment test for prospective employees. Many business owners usually go through interviewing every potential candidate for the job they have listed. You can conduct a sales-agents assessment test for them. This test will sieve out those who have the skills you require. This testing is just like interviewing everyone, but saves you a lot of time and stress.

Conduct a behavioral test

It is one thing for your ideal candidate to be good at what he does, but it is another business entirely to check the employee’s attitude and behavior outside of work. As a business owner who places a lot of importance on the company’s brand, you wouldn’t want a blot to that name. It doesn’t matter if the candidate appears to be the best in the business. For those who passed your assessment test, you can schedule a meeting to learn more about them. You can find out how creative they are at solving problems and why they left their former workplace. Sometimes, you can request a reference from their former workplace without their knowledge to find out more about the candidate.

Final thoughts on finding remote sales agents

Employing the best hands is essential. It is, therefore, necessary to face the recruitment with time and diligence. If you do not have the time, you can outsource the process to a PEO. Yes, you will need to pay them, but they will get you staff that will profit your business and be well worth the expenditure.

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