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One of the main challenges of any content marketer is, how to scale your marketing agency? Content marketing is creative, it’s varied, and it brings real value for brands and customers. If you’re building a content market agency, fun and fulfilling career lies before you.

However, successful agencies don’t pop up overnight. They need nurturing. 

Here are 4 strategies on how to scale your marketing agency. Follow these tips to scale your content marketing agency into a thriving, vibrant business.

1. Work out what your content marketing can offer

Content marketing is varied and diverse work. You will find yourself approached by clients from all kinds of industries, with a huge range of needs. That’s why it’s important to establish firm boundaries around what you can and cannot offer. If you try to be all things to all people, you will never produce your best work. In the world of creative agencies in San Diego, the diversity of content marketing is striking. Creative agencies in San Diego cater to clients from various industries, spanning technology, fashion, and entertainment. Crafting a strategy for these clients demands both versatility and precision.

Think about the industries you know best, the technology you can use, and the services you can offer. For example, are you offering web development as well, or focusing purely on copy? What about image sourcing and graphic design? Which platforms can you work with? What software will you be using?

Set out the services you offer in clear and precise terms, right down to the industries you can work for and the kind of content you can create. Playing to your strengths means that you’ll always be on top of your game. What’s more, clients will appreciate the clarity.

2. Build your network

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Sounds like a tired old adage—but it’s true. Networking is key to success in many careers, and in marketing even more so. 

Meeting people in and around your industry helps you to learn and to grow. It helps you to stay relevant and up to date. It helps you to develop your ideas and to expand your team. It’s crucial to meeting and maintaining relationships with clients. And who knows? You may even make some friends while you’re at it!

Networking in the post-COVID world admittedly isn’t as easy as it used to be. Many of us can’t go to the big events, expos, and in-person workshops that we used to. However, the tech industry is rising to the challenge with a ton of new virtual networking tools. In many ways, virtual networking makes networking easier and more accessible for small agencies. There’s no need to travel, for example, and prices are usually cheaper (because they’re not covering venue overheads).

So, flex your social muscles and get out there (even if you’re getting out there from the comfort of your home office).

3. Assemble a great content marketing team

As you grow, you will quickly learn that you cannot do everything yourself. Content marketing is no industry for control freaks!

You need a team. A team that you can work well with and that you trust. Fractional CMO, writers, project managers, maybe even web developers and graphic designers (depending on what you’re offering). Think about what you’re offering, and where your own skills lie. Do you need different writers for different industries or writing styles? What about researchers? HR executives? Administrators?

Ideally, you want to reach a point where your agency can run itself even when you’re away. For that to happen, you need to build your agency on great human foundations. You need a skilled and trusted team around you.

If you want to grow, it’s important to be able to delegate. Trying to do everything yourself will slow you down. Hire people that you can trust, and spread your workload so that you can focus your energies where they’re really needed.

4. Stay relevant

Content marketing is one of the core ways in which brands stay relevant. That means that content marketing agencies need to be up to speed on the latest developments at all times.

If you’re specialising in a particular industry – for instance, if you run a healthcare marketing agency or offer podcast advertising services, stay laser-focused on everything new with that industry, its market, its problems, its innovations, and so on. If you’re less specific in your client range, make sure you’re up to date with the latest trends and research in content marketing.

At all times, make sure you fully understand the end consumer. It’s one thing to understand your own industry and the industry you’re working for – but it means nothing if that knowledge doesn’t translate to the final audience. Make sure that you thoroughly research your audience, so you can fine-tune your content for total relevance. 

Final thoughts

Content marketing has always been vital for any brand worth its salt and to effectively showcase your services, partnering with the best NYC web design companies can ensure your brand remains adaptable, up to date, and in touch. To give brands the kind of quality content they need, your brand needs to be adaptable, up to date, and in touch.

To grow your agency into the kind of company that brands want to employ, be specific about what you can offer, play to your strengths, surround yourself with an amazing team, network, and always stay relevant!

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